Tom Barrett ’74

Trips: Cuba 2019 and Greece 2019

Driving in the Dark in Delphi

Driving in the Dark in Delphi,
Sightseeing before dawn.
Wide awake on a sleepy bus,
Dark mountains around us.
Big hearted Eleni, chastiser of youth,
Leader of the phalanx, assigner of roles,
Explainer of the ancients,
Chats while curious minds take a rest.
We will fly to Crete for a glimpse of antiquity.
Mount Parnassus strikes against the dawn.
Windmills turn on hill tops,
Three blades like shamrocks of the trinity,
Modern icons turning
Against the inevitable collapse of the petrol age.
Soon the vapors will be gone and
We Cassandras will meet our fate.
Skin chills as I contemplate the warming.

Tom Barrett
Nov. 2019

In your mind, which aspects of the LC Travel program are unique? Were you satisfied with the educational aspects of your trips?
LC travel is unlike other tours in that we get to travel with one, or sometimes two, professors who have expertise in the area and passion for their work. I found their willingness to share their knowledge greatly enhanced the experience. The educational components were great. I frequently thought that few travelers could get the kind of insights we were given. We often went behind the scenes or heard from people we would never otherwise get to talk with.

What was your experience like as a solo traveler?
Traveling solo, I was more likely to sit with LC staff or a tour guide on buses and planes, which made it interesting. My hotel rooms were always roomy and pleasant. I had opportunities to do some exploring on my own.

Do you feel more connected to the LC community after your trip?
I do feel closer to the Lewis and Clark community after my trips. I got to know the college president, a dean, and three professors in the course of my two trips and I have only warm feelings toward all of them. Another benefit of Lewis and Clark travel is that the other tourists share a common educational background, so the group joining process seems easier. I met a lot of very nice and intelligent people.

Anything else you’d like to share?
As an undergrad, I didn’t have the opportunity to participate in Lewis and Clark overseas study. I heard from many classmates who were enriched by their overseas experiences, so when the opportunity to travel to Cuba with Lewis and Clark came up shortly after I retired, it felt like an opportunity not to be missed. That trip was wonderful, so I signed up for the Greek trip a few months later. That trip was great too.