Jessica Bentley ’96

Trips: Schooner Zodiac 2019, 2021
Future Trips: Zodiac 2022, Cuba 2022!

The most unique aspect of traveling to the San Juans with LC was the opportunity to explore areas close to home that are inaccessible in many ways and to be so immersed in nature. The peaceful sunrises, quiet sunsets, with only water lapping at the sides of the boat.      - Jessica Bentley


What was your experience bonding with the LC community during your trip?

I connected to the LC community through traveling with people of all ages and walks of life and making connections that will last a lifetime. Many of the same people have been on the two trips and hopefully will be on the next one!



What are some of your favorite memories from your trips?

Visiting Victoria on Vancouver island. The day we were there there was an antique car show and we had a private tour of the Royal Museum with Dr. Beckham. Being there with professor Beckham was a major treat; all the details of each exhibit was incredible.

Taking the helm on the boat, bow watch and learning navigation skills on the Zodiac trips and working together, all 20 of us, to hoist the sails. Feeling the strength and teamwork it takes to lift the sails on an historic ship the way people would have done it 100 years ago. Another highlight was the food prepared by the chef on the boat. Every meal was delectable. In Roche Harbor we dropped crab pots and had a fresh crab feast breakfast fresh out of the trap!


What do you like best about traveling with LC?

The convenience of all the details being sorted out for you; not having to stress over accommodations, transports, and details of planning allows a truly seamless experience. Transportation accommodations and all the highlights are planned and thoughtfully organized to get the best of the best.