Tammy and Jeff Walker, Friends of L&C

Trips: Morocco 2018, Tanzania 2020, Amazon & Galapagos 2022
Future Trips: Egypt 2023

“The L&C staff and faculty we’ve spent time with, have all been caring, efficient, reliable, accessible, and exceptional.”
- Tammy Walker

How did you get connected to the LC travel program?

We were invited to join the Morocco Trip, by our friends, Jeannie Gulstrand & Frank Verdarame. We feel fortunate and grateful to our L&C friends, Jeannie & Frank, for introducing us to these outstanding trips. We are honored to be “Friends of L&C”.

What was a highlight from one of your trips?

Throughout the trip, it was not uncommon to hear someone say, “I thought yesterday was the going to be the highlight, but today is even more amazing.” Staying in a luxurious casbah in Morocco, and a tent in Tanzania were both extraordinarily remarkable.

In your mind, which aspects of the LC Travel program were unique?

We have not found another program that offers a greater value. The experience is enriched, when traveling with folks who share, not only a sense of curiosity, and adventure, but also an appreciation for the cultural experience. It’s infinitely more relaxing and enjoyable, when all the logistical arrangements are made ahead for us. Once we get to our destination, we are ready for adventure!