Matt Lundeberg ’10

Trips: San Juan Island Sail on the Zodiac Schooner in 2019, 2021, and 2022
Future Trips: Race through the Canadian Gulf Islands on the Zodiac Schooner 2023

Learning doesn’t end after graduation, but thankfully sometimes writing essays does.    - Matt Lundeberg

What do you like best about traveling with LC?

Getting a chance to connect with alumni across many decades. It brings the group together as we have the shared experience of LC, which allows people to have something in common even before we know anything else. Each trip has a wonderful mix of people sharing old memories as well as creating new ones together. Traveling with my Dad and sister also allowed me to share my LC experiences and memories as we also get to share the sailing adventure together!

In your mind, which aspects of the LC Travel program were unique?

The instant connection and cohesion of the group is what makes the LC Travel program unique. Also having access to the LC faculty, past and present, is an incredible opportunity to not only have fun, but learn in a stress free environment.

Can you talk about the interactions you had with your LC faculty members?

A highlight for me has been getting to know Professor Beckham and listen to his many, many incredible stories. Either personal experiences he’s had employing his knowledge or what he may know about a passing island, every story is a treasure.