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Will Aimeimage

Will is a Junior English and History major who grew up in Monterey, California. Will currently serves at the Chief Justice, overseeing the Peer Review Authority of ASLC. He knows how to juggle, and in his spare time he enjoys cooking, watching movies, and taking long walks on the beach.




Rostam Assadi

Rostam is a Junior, double majoring in International Affairs and Philosophy. He hails from Madison, Wisconsin and was drawn to LC for the strength of its academics and the opportunity to study within an intellectually curious community comprised of passionate and socially aware individuals. Rostam serves as a Junior senator on the ASLC Senate and has worked with IME and the International Affairs Symposium. After graduation, he hopes to go on to enter a J.D./Ph.D program in International Law and Human Rights Law, after a brief hiatus from the academic world.

Sierra Clear


Sierra is a Junior from Madison, Wisconsin. She is majoring in Sociology/ Anthropology with a minor in Latin American Studies. Sierra loves to play outdoors, especially in the woods and on the water; whether canoeing or backpacking she loves any kind of camping as well as teaching kids to love the outdoors. She recently returned from a semester in Cuenca, Ecuador, and plans to continue her Latin American studies in the Dominican Republic next semester.

Isabella Fabens* 


Isabella is a Junior International Affairs major from Seattle, Washington. In addition to working with the Student Alumni Association, Isabella is also a Leadership and Service Scholar. Isabella loves being a part of student government and discussing how she can help with certain initiatives on campus. She also enjoys going on trips with College Outdoors. This past summer Isabella worked with Amigos de las Americas, a non-profit organization, in Cusco Peru, supervising high school students in community service projects. 

Christa Giesecke


Christa Giesecke is a Senior Foreign Languages (Spanish, German) and International Affairs major recently returning to LC from a semester of study in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Active in several language and cultural clubs, the Third Culture Kid board, as a tutor for CEESA (Coalition for English Education and Social Advocacy), and the cross country team, she thoroughly enjoys connecting members from all corners of LC to one another and the larger community.  She feels most content in any situation that involves rich conversation, cheap travel, and outdoor exploration; and despite not being able to drive, she prides herself on the stories she’s collected while navigating public transportation in 7+ countries outside of the U.S.  After graduating, Christa hopes to spend a year or two outside of the U.S. teaching English before returning (or not!) to the States to pursue graduate studies in psycholinguistics, immigration policies related to International Affairs, or NGO work.

Asraa Jaber*, SAA Vice President


Asraa is a Senior TCK/International Student. She is originally from Iraq but was born in Kuwait. Asraa has lived in Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, and finally, Washington state. Asraa is a Math major with a minor in Computer Science. She has served as President of the International Students of Lewis & Clark and as a Student Transitions Mentor. Asraa traveled a lot when she was younger, which taught her to love traveling, meeting new people, and learning about other cultures.  

Micah Leinbach* 


Originally from the Great Lakes region, Micah is a Senior Environmental Studies major. Micah is a member of the Pamplin Society and has been awarded the Udall Scholarship, a national recognition of his work in environmental service. In his time at the college he has pursued several diverse initiatives with Campus Living, the Pioneer Log, the Environmental Studies program, and others. Still, he is perhaps better known for a penchant for Lumberjack folklore, storytelling, and playing the harmonica late into the night. He is currently working as a Trip Leader for College Outdoors while he pursues a career in outdoor education and advocacy. 

Arena del Mar Morilloimage

Arena del Mar Morillo is a junior Biology major Political Science minor. She was born in Paraguay but moved to the U.S. when she was 8. She sometimes goes by Are and loves to sing; any chance she gets, she takes it.






Kayla Nachtsheim*, SAA President


Kayla Nachtsheim is a Junior International Affairs major, Environmental Studies minor, from the San Francisco Bay Area, California. After returning from studying abroad in Senegal, West Africa, last spring, she is excited to be back on campus to lead the AMAZING team of ambassadors this year. Apart from her role as SAA President, Kayla has been involved with Lewis & Clark’s Yoga Club, Garden Club, Fire Arts, and the Ray Warren Symposium on Race & Ethnic Studies. Kayla is an eternal optimist, a collector of inspiring quotes, and a firm believer that a meal always tastes better when shared with others.

Rita Ombaka


Rita is a Senior International Affairs & Music Education double major from Kenya. This is her first year as a Student Alumni Association Ambassador. On campus, she has been involved in the Capella Nova Choir and the International Students of Lewis & Clark (ISLC) board. She is currently the student life intern of the Department of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement (IME). An interesting fact about Rita, is her passionate love for the color purple. She also loves to dance, do yoga, and travel.

Charlie Quezadaimage

Charlie is a Junior double majoring in Sociology/Anthropology and Hispanic Studies who grew up in Pomona, California. Charlie loves playing card games and shuffling cards. She shares her passion for swimming by teaching children to swim. A fun fact about Charlie is that she’s made lotion before. She is also really excited about going to Alicante, Spain, this spring.







Thomas Rodrigues*


Tom is from San Diego, California, and can often be found playing outside on the weekends. Tom is an avid surfer, climber, and cyclist. Tom is involved in environmental advocacy for all three of those activities, and loves to teach others and share his passions with his friends. Though Tom does enjoy pushing himself physically in the outdoors, he’d never turn down a relaxing mug of hot chai tea out on his front porch on a cold December morning. Tom is a Senior Environmental Studies major, and his dog is allergic to humans.

My Van Voimage

My Van Vo is a Junior majoring in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology. She
was born in Nha Trang, Vietnam and grew up in Portland, Oregon.
Outside her involvement with the SAA, My Van is a resident advisor and
the treasurer of BuildOn. My Van enjoys reading and drawing in her
spare time.


Jasmine Yan 


Jasmine Minjia Yan is Junior Economics major and Math minor from Chengdu, China. Portland has become her second home now. She enjoys traveling, playing the piano, photography, and meeting new people. She loves hiking and wishes to explore the outdoorsy city of Portland more. She’s excited to study abroad in Ireland next semester, and later, backpack in Europe. Besides that, she’s very excited about the awesome events that SAA will present this year!




Ira Yeap 


Ira is a Senior currently studying Psychology and International Relations. Born in the bustling city of Bangkok, she later moved to Vancouver, Canada to receive her high school education. She would love to be able to continue her globetrotting tendencies after her time at Lewis & Clark. After graduation, she plans to return back to the Kingdom of Thailand and begin working on a start-up educational program that provides accessible English education to locals. She hopes to be able to create a meaningful link between the connections she has made here in North America and her home. She is excited to work alongside her fellow SAA ambassadors to provide a positive and engaging experience for the Lewis & Clark student and the alumni community. 



Claire Askew*
Erika Andal-James
Spencer Byrne-Seres
Isabella Fabens
Wade Higgins
Julia Huggins*
Asraa Jaber*
Tyler Janzen
Micah Leinbach*
Kayla Nachtsheim
Thomas Rodrigues*
Anthony Ruiz*
Leslie Simmons*
Kallie Smith*
Tiffany Wang*


Claire Askew
Jessica Clarke*
Ian Feis *
Terry Fletcher
Anne Gorman*
Julia Huggins
Asraa Jaber
Sarah Patterson*
Brandis Piper
Tom Rodrigues
Anthony Ruiz*
Leslie Simmons*
Kallie Smith
Madelyn Troiano*
Tiffany Wang
Chloe Waterman 


Claire Askew
Jessica Clarke
Claire Cummings
Ian Feis
Anne Gorman
Maisha Foster-O’Neal*
Sarah Patterson
Anthony Ruiz
Leah Scott-Zechlin*
Leslie Simmons
Samantha Stein
Madelyn Troiano
Carolyn Worthge
Rachel Young*


Kelly Aldinger*
Mari Aroxa*
Daniel Bae*
Parasa Chanramy*
Patricia Clevenger
Maisha Foster-O’Neal*
Taylor Held
Mahmood Khan
Molly O’Donnell*
Melanie Rama
Leah Scott-Zechlin*
Rachel Young


Kelly Aldinger
Mari Aroxa
Daniel Bae
Parasa Chanramy
Ananda Ellis
Maisha Foster-O’Neal
Myriah Heddens
Autry Liggett
Clare Montgomery-Butler
Molly O’Donnell
Shane Rivera
Leah Scott-Zechlin
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Emily Henke
Maile Speakman
Vanessa Stine
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Angela Finke
Charlie Morgan
Meredith Price


Leigh Halverson*
Frazer Lanier
Ashley Smith


Korie Chung
Dmitri Gurkins
Leigh Halverson*


Brian Federico
Leigh Halverson
Terra Tolley


Julian Dautremont-Smith
Mary Jane Rice
Diana Wiener Rosengard


Bianca Gomez
Myah Moore
Molly Parsons


Megan Locher
Matthew Nielsen
Elizabeth Posey


Ashley Arvidson
Sadna Samaranayake
Elizabeth Thiel

*-multi-year scholar