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Scholarship Recipients

 *multi-year scholar
  • Rhetoric and Media Studies major

    • Hometown: St. Joseph, MN

    • Referee for Intramural Sports

    • Hobbies: writing, watching movies, exploring the outdoors

  • Riley Brawn ’22
    Art History major

    • Hometown: St. Louis, MO

    • DJ at KLC Radio

    • The Merryweathers Acapella group

    • Feminist Student Union & Queer Student Union

    • Hobbies: Embroidery, music, bugs and social justice

  • International Affairs major

    • Hometown: Oregon City, OR

    • Spanish Medical Interpreter & Spanish Student Academic Affairs Board (SAAB) Tutor 

    • Co-Leader of Coalition for English Education & Social Advocacy (CEESA)

    • Co-Leader of Lewis & Clark Food Pantry

  • International Affairs major

    Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil

    Active member of the Associated Students of Lewis and Clark (ASLC) Diversity Committee, Third Culture Kids (TCK), German Club and the Queer Student Union

    Works at Maggie’s Cafe

    Hobbies: badminton, painting, learning new languages, sunny picnics and llamas

  • Projected major in Biology and/or Computer Science

    Hometown: Kula, Hawai’i

    Resident Advisor in Stewart/Odell/Akin (SOA)

    President of the CDN Lewis & Clark Chapter.

    Hobbies: dancing, astronomy, cooking, and gardening.

  • Projected major in Rhetoric and Media or Psychology, Dance and Entrepreneurship minor

    Hometown: Moscow, Russia

    LC Dance Company member, Dance X 2020 Choreographer

    New Student Orientation Group Leader 2020

    Hobbies: water polo, knitting, outdoor activities, reading, dancing, fire arts

  • Tuse Mahenya ’21
    English major, Political Economy minor

    • Hometown: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

    • Student Philanthropy Council

    • Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC) Auditory Staff

    • Literary Review

    • Meridian Editorial Board

    • TEDx Lewis & Clark College

  • Economics and International Affairs major

    • Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

    • Student Resources Coordinator for Associated Students of Lewis & Clark College (ASLC)

    • Resident Advisor in Howard/Hartzfeld/Apartments

    • Lewis and Clark Debate Team

  • History major, Latin American Studies minor

    • Hometown: Bend, Oregon

    • Events Manager on Student Philanthropy Council

    • Member of Community Relations and Service Committee for Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC)

    • Ecuador Program 2020

  • Economics major and Art/Art History minor

    Hometown: Spokane, WA

     College Outdoors Assistant Leader, Trip Specialist, and Office Staff

     Hartzfeld RA 2018-2019

     New York City Arts and Theatre Program Fall 2019, Australia Regional Studies Program Spring, 2020.

  • Luca Sax ’22
    Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and International Affairs major

    • Hometown: Munich, Germany

    • Queer Student Union

    • Gender Minoities in STEM

    • Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement peer educator (2019-2020)

  • Psychology major, Economics minor

    Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

     LC Volleyball Team

     Pamplin Sports Center and PioStream Student Employee

     Teacher Pathways Program

  • Economics and International Affairs major, International Political Economy minor

    • Hometown: Kelso, WA

    • Lead RA in Stewart/Akin/Odell

    • Cross-Country

    • Lewis and Clark Orchestra - Cellist

    • High School: Kelso High School


Past Ambassadors