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Scholarship Recipients

 *multi-year scholar
  • Rhetoric and Media Studies major

    • Hometown: St. Joseph, MN

    • Referee for Intramural Sports

    • Hobbies: writing, watching movies, exploring the outdoors

  • Riley Brawn ’22
    Art History major

    • Hometown: St. Louis, MO

    • DJ at KC Radio

    • The Merryweathers Acapella group

    • Feminist Student Union & Queer Student Union

    • Hobbies: Embroidery, music, bugs and social justice

  • International Affairs major

    • Hometown: Oregon City, OR

    • Spanish Medical Interpreter & Spanish SAAB Tutor 

    • Co-Leader of CEESA

    • Co-Leader of Lewis & Clark Food Pantry

  • Projected major in Biology and/or Computer Science

    Hometown: Kula, Hawai’i

    Resident Advisor in SOA

    President of the CDN Lewis & Clark Chapter.

    Hobbies: dancing, astronomy, cooking, and gardening.

  • Projected major in Rhetoric and Media or Psychology, Dance and Entrepreneurship minor

    Hometown: Moscow, Russia

    LC Dance Company member, Dance X 2020 Choreographer

    NSO Group Leader 2020

    Hobbies: water polo, knitting, outdoor activities, reading, dancing, fire arts

  • Tuse Mahenya ’21
    English major, Political Economy minor

    • Hometown: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

    • Student Philanthropy Council

    • ASLC Auditory Staff

    • Literary Review

    • Meridian Editorial Board

    • TEDx Lewis & Clark College

  • Economics and International Affairs major

    • Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

    • Student Resources Coordinator for ASLC

    • Resident Advisor in HHA

    • Lewis and Clark Debate Team

  • Emma Pell ’22
    History major, Latin American Studies minor

    • Hometown: Bend, Oregon

    • Events Manager on Student Philanthropy Council

    • Member of CSRC for ASLC

  • Economics major and Art/Art History minor

    Hometown: Spokane, WA

     College Outdoors Assistant Leader, Trip Specialist, and Office Staff

     Hartzfeld RA 2018-2019

     New York City Arts and Theatre Program Fall 2019, Australia Regional Studies Program Spring, 2020.

  • Luca Sax ’22
    Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and International Affairs major

    • Hometown: Munich, Germany

    • Queer Student Union

    • Gender Minoities in STEM

    • Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement peer educator (2019-2020)

  • Psychology major, Economics minor

    Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

     LC Volleyball Team

     Pamplin Sports Center and PioStream Student Employee

     Teacher Pathways Program

  • Economics and International Affairs major, International Political Economy minor

    • Hometown: Kelso, WA

    • Lead RA in SOA

    • Cross-Country

    • Lewis and Clark Orchestra - Cellist

    • High School: Kelso High School


Past Ambassadors