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Alumni Leadership Scholarship

2018 SAA Fall Retreat

About the Scholarship

The Alumni Leadership Scholarship will recognize and reward outstanding students who show leadership potential, actively participate in the Lewis & Clark community, and who want to create meaningful connections between students and alumni. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be a current first year, sophomore, or junior at Lewis & Clark College and considered in good academic standing. This year, several scholarships in the amount of $1,200 each will be awarded. In addition, each scholar will have an opportunity to participate in alumni events and interact with the Board of Alumni to benefit career and professional development and build stronger connections with the alumni community. Alumni Leadership Scholarship recipients serve as Student Alumni Association Ambassadors.


The application for the 2020-2021 academic year will be available in Fall of 2019. The application asks for basic information and answers to four essay prompts. Please keep your answers to 500 words or less. We also require one letter of recommendation.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee of Board of Alumni members. Top applicants will be invited for a brief interview with the committee on Saturday, March 9th. Students who are studying off-campus will be interviewed via Skype. In order to be considered, you must be available to interview on March 9th.

Deadline and Submission

The application for the 2020-2021 academic year will be available in Fall of 2019.


You must be in good academic standing. First-year, sophomore, and junior students are eligible. If you have senior standing, but intend to enroll in courses at Lewis & Clark for two more semesters (not counting Spring ’20), you are eligible.

First time scholarship recipients must be on campus for the first fall semester (Fall ’20) after they have been awarded the Alumni Leadership Scholarship.

Scholar Benefits

There are great perks to being a scholar! Help with tuition is one of them. Furthermore, students that excel as Student Alumni Association (SAA) Ambassadors will be considered for renewal each year until they graduate. You will also get an in-depth understanding of the alumni community, and meet a lot of local and national alumni. Over the course of your time as an SAA Ambassador, you will gain valuable leadership experience and professional development. The Board of Alumni; the sponsors of the scholarship, will also send you event invitations to the Alumni Honors Banquet, Homecoming events, private receptions and more. You will also benefit from being part of a leadership group and gain experience in managing and planning events, recruiting and managing volunteers, and professional correspondence.

Scholar Requirements

It is anticipated that each recipient will take an active part in the Student Alumni Association and will serve as an ambassador between current students and alumni. The SAA Ambassadors help plan and execute meaningful events for students and alumni, and increase the connections between the alumni, Board of Alumni, the office of Alumni & Parent Programs, and current students. Participation requirements begin in April after scholarships are awarded and continue through May of the following year.

Each SAA Ambassador is expected to:

  • Be on campus during Fall 2020.
  • Attend bi-weekly meetings, spring training/orientation, and fall retreat.
  • Co-develop one alumni career panel per year.
  • Assist with an additional SAA project.
  • Take a leadership role in Homecoming and Parents Weekend (October 16-18, 2020). Ambassadors must be available during this entire weekend to help with this signature event and act as representatives of the student body to alumni and parents.
  • Participate in all other major events with SAA involvement: Alumni Honors Banquet, Board of Alumni gatherings and dinners, President’s Holiday Reception, Careers for Pioneers and Career Panels.

For examples of other events and projects that you would be working on, visit the SAA calendar of events or email

Current and Past Scholarship Recipients

With questions, and for more information, please contact:

Tara McIrvin
Associate Director of Alumni, Parent and Student Engagement
Alumni & Parent Programs