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BOA Member Resources

Document Library: bylaws, policies, meeting minutes, committee documents

If you would like to add something to the documents page, email it to

Meeting agendas


Current roster and member bios


Board member responsibilities

Nomination form for a new Board member

Nomination form for an Alumni Honors award


Upcoming Meeting Dates

Saturday, March 9 - Alumni Honors Banquet
Sunday, March 10 - Board of Alumni meeting (on campus)

June 20-24 Alumni Weekend 2019
June 23 - Board of Alumni Meeting

For meeting agenda and resources, click here. (coming soon!)


Questions and Staff Support

For questions and assistance, please contact one of the staff listed below. If you are not sure who to ask, contact Emily Decker at or 503-768-7838.

If you would like to send a message to the Board of Alumni Listserv, please contact Emily for access.

Todd Davis - Administrative Specialist, Alumni, Parent, and Student Engagement, 503.768.7952
Reimbursement, general meeting questions, meeting recording and minutes, documents, event registration, contact information updates

Emily Decker ’85 - Interim Director, Alumni, Parent, and Student Engagement*
*Until January 1, 2019 (while Andrew McPheeters is serving as Interim Dean of Students), 503.768.7838
Website, member’s bios, Albany Society, Alumni Honors Awards and Honors Banquet (share with Tara)

Tara McIrvin - Associate Director, Alumni, Parent, and Student Engagement, 503-768-7941
Homecoming Weekend, Careers for Pioneers, career initiatives,
Black and Orange Parties, myLC/alumni directory

Andrew McPheeters - Associate Vice President of Alumni, Parent and Student Engagement*
*Until February 18, 2019, Andrew will be serving the college as interim Dean of Students. All responsibilities listed below should be directed to Emily Decker., 503.768.7936
General Board questions, Diversity and Inclusion committee, meetings and agendas, administration and bylaws, new member orientation

Ginger Moshofsky ’83 - Associate Director, Alumni, Parent, and Student Engagement, 503.768.7444
Alumni Weekend, Parent initiatives

Shishei Tsang MA ’19 - Graduate Assistant, 503-768-7950
Student Alumni Association, Senior Experience

Stephen LeBoutillier ’00 - Director, Annual Giving 503.768.7940
Fundraising, Board participation challenge, L&C giving