Student Alumni Association (SAA)


The mission of the Student Alumni Association is to create and strengthen connections in the Lewis & Clark community by developing meaningful programs for students and alumni. Using these programs we wish to build awareness and appreciation for the lifelong connection between current students, alumni,  faculty and staff.

Upcoming SAA Events


SAA Leaders

The SAA President for 2022-23 is Molly Gibbons. Contact her at

The Student Alumni Association is led by an extraordinary group of students called SAA Ambassadors, the recipients of the annual Alumni Leadership Scholarship. These outstanding students have demonstrated leadership, actively participated in the Lewis & Clark community, and have shown interest in creating meaningful connections between students and alumni.

SAA Members

The Student Alumni Association is open to anyone who is interested. If you would like to get involved, please email us. You will receive invitations to meetings, information on new programs and events, and special announcements and opportunities. 

Get Involved!

The SAA is member-driven, and want to make sure that you have a voice, so email your ideas, comments, and questions to and attend meetings to talk about your ideas with other SAA members and ambassadors! Propose events and projects that you think will benefit the student body, and get involved in planning them! You can also find us on Instagram at lc_saa

SAA Advisor

Amanda Valley, Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement. Email her at

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Alumni Leadership Scholarship - Annual scholarships awarded by the Board of Alumni
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