The Board assists students and alumni with career advice through a variety of activities and events. Those include:

The Board gives insight into promoting reunion activities. Members in milestone reunion years or overseas/affinity groups serve as class volunteers, planning events and assisting with messaging about the class gift effort. Members have a strong presence at the reunion: sharing information about the board, recruiting volunteers, and gathering feedback from alumni.

Philanthropy and Giving
Each year the Board collaborates with the Annual Giving staff to develop a message to alumni in support of the Annual Fund. The Board as a whole has been active with stewardship for those alumni who have given, writing thank you cards and making thank you phone calls. Some members serve on a fundraising committee. Board members commit to philanthropy to the college.

Alumni-Student Community
Members introduce current students to the concept of being supportive and active alumni by attending college-based events.

Honoring Alumni and Students
Members actively seek out and research alumni and friends of the college who may qualify for a variety of alumni awards. In addition, the Board selects Alumni Leadership Scholarship students each year who then go on to serve as leaders for the Student Alumni Association. Members have opportunities throughout the year to work with and mentor these students.

Regional Events
Board support has allowed the annual Black & Orange parties to grow to sixty-plus events across the globe. Members coordinate events in their area and recruit additional volunteers. Board members also serve at regional programs welcoming alumni and making introductions.

Equity and Inclusion
The Equityand Inclusion committee supports L&C’s diversity initiatives and develops programs to connect alumni and students of color.