Pioneer Career Corps

Share Your Experience With a Student

You know how to search for that perfect job, you kill in interviews and you are an expert salary negotiator. Now share those skills with a student who is just learning the ropes!

The Pioneer Career Corps (PCC) is a program to connect students to L&C’s remarkable network of alumni, no matter where in the world they live, in an effort to better equip them for life after Lewis & Clark. PCC members assist students with practical career advice and offer a range of career perspectives. Students are looking for help from alumni to help them tailor their resumes to specific career paths, provide career guidance, informational interviews, and/or mock interviews. Alumni help can be provided in person, by email, phone or Skype. It’s up to you! 

How do I volunteer?

1. First, fill out a volunteer interest form.

2. Then watch this training video.

The video is a guided presentation, and will take approximately 12 minutes. It explains how PCC works, gives you the basics of working with students, explains what type of help students will be asking you for, what your role is as a volunteer, and what type of training students will receive before they contact you.

You may also download the PowerPoint, and read it at your preferred pace.

3. A Lewis & Clark employee will confirm your volunteer application, and create a brief biography for you based on the information you provided in the survey. The bio will be online, but your preferred contact information will only be provided to students by the Career Center.

4. Stand by for students to contact you. The volume of contact you can expect from students will depend on how many students have similar career interest to your field of expertise. Your information will be kept by the Career Center and will not be given to students who have not received training on how to approach potential business contacts.

Are you a student looking to get involved with the PCC?
Visit the Career Center for more information.

Helpful Resources

Check out the Pioneer Career Corps website for reference during your one-one-one sessions with students.

Contact us for more information.