L&C Network

L&C Net is an informational resource service, composed of alumni and parents who want to share knowledge and experience with students. When you join, you agree to be contacted to answer questions about what your job is like, how to interview and network, for advice on how to succeed in the industry that you work in, etc. You are an invaluable resource for students, and your participation is very much appreciated.

The L&C Net group lives online on LinkedIn – an online community for professional networking. For more information on LinkedIn, visit this page.

If you are an alum, parent, or friend of Lewis & Clark, please see below on how to join. If you are a student, please visit this page.

Join LC Net!

To join L&C Net you must first create a LinkedIn profile – visit this page to get started or sign in if you already have a profile. Then, request to join the group called “Lewis & Clark College Career Network (L&C Net).” If you are having trouble finding the group, contact us at careers@lclark.edu and we will send you an invitation via email.


The primary purpose for L&C Net is to share information, experiences, advice, and support stronger connections with L&C alumni and students. We encourage you to post articles and contribute to discussions as your time allows. The group also has a job board. If your organization has internships, jobs, or other opportunities, we encourage you to share them with the group.

If you observe improper conduct, including job solicitation, please let us know by calling 503.768.7114 or emailing careers@lclark.edu.