Circular Innovation Challenge 2023

  • I wanted to thank you so much for developing such a fantastic program. What a great opportunity for teens to interact with real entrepreneurs and get hands-on experience developing their own projects. Which were amazing by the way. I really enjoyed watching the presentation of each group. Not only that but to experience life in college and all that entails - meeting a bunch of new people - living in dorms - all on a beautiful campus. It was such a great learning experience and Aiden wants to put it front and center on his college application. Lewis & Clark is now his top choice because of this experience! Again, thank you for putting on the Circular Innovation Challenge. I know it involves a lot of hard work and long hours.

    Yvonne (mother of a camper)

  • Thank you for this! I want to let you know that my experience at L+C was sincerely one of the best things I have ever done in my life and I’m so super grateful that you set this up for students like me.

    Hank (Camper)

  • This camp has been very informative and inspiring. Not only do I wish to live a more sustainable lifestyle, I’m very motivated to continue looking into an entrepreneurial route as well as very excited to apply to Lewis & Clark. Thank you for all the hard work!!


  • Thank you guys so much, this was truly an unforgettable experience everyone and everything was so amazing! I am so grateful I got to be apart of this.

    Kalia (Camper)



Catarina Hunter

Associate Director, Co-Director Circular Innovation Challenge

Laney Hutchings

Event Coordinator

Meredith Goddard

Adjunct Instructor, Co-Director Circular Innovation Challenge, IT Director of Enterprise Applications


Ideas and Prizes

  • reFOAMulate- Turning styrofoam waste into insulation (starting with tiny homes)
  • Toy Circle- An eco-friendly toy subscription company aiming to end toy ownership and waste
  • Eco Tear- Perforated wrapping paper with biodegradable tape
  • Good Glue- A biodegradable glue that supports recycling process
  • Renew Pack- Reusable packaging made of borosilicate glass, with a send-back model
  • Corky- Replacing plastic 6 pack yokes with cork yokes
  • THEO- Sustainable pens
  • Earth Cover- Biodegradable replacement for plastic row covers used in farming
  • Phyla Bottles- 3D printed algae-based water bottle
  • Eco Flow- Safe, compostable, gender-neutral menstrual products

Winning team and semi-finalist:

1st - Toy Circle
  • Excellent customer research and use of customer feedback in pivots and business development
  • Strong teamwork throughout the week
  • Presentation powerful and effective
  • Strong Q & A session with judges
2nd - Eco Flow
  • One of the strongest presentations
  • Very compelling problem/solution and potential market opportunity
  • Still in research and development phase


$20,000/year merit-based scholarship to Lewis & Clark College for all students who successfully complete the entrepreneurship program and subsequently apply and get admitted to the school.

Each member of the winning team won a $100 gift card. Gift Cards were available from one of the following circular vendors:

adidas, Girlfriend Collective, IKEA, Levi’s, Lululemon, Native Shoes, On, Patagonia, Tentree, The North Face, Unless Collective, Way of Being , Cycle Dog