Catarina Hunter

Associate Director, Co-Director Circular Innovation Challenge

We are excited and fortunate to welcome Catarina Hunter to the Center for Entrepreneurship this fall. Catarina came equipped with a toolkit of productivity, technical expertise and systems management from a school programming structure similar to the Center for Entrepreneurship. We value her can-do attitude, organizational talent, and business acumen.

Born in Sweden and fluent in Swedish, German and English, Catarina earned her BS in Political Science from Lund’s University in Sweden. She has served on the boards of National Charity League and Riverdale School PTC, and volunteered for Raphael House and Elevate Oregon. Being an owner/manager of several rental properties for the past decade, and starting and running an after-school care business, she has hands-on experience being an entrepreneur.

She and her husband, Shawn, have three children in, nearing and gearing for college. In her free time, Catarina runs and is a shoe tester for Nike.