Bode Dalton

I was looking at other liberal arts schools, and Lewis & Clark stood out from the rest, not only for its academics but also for its geographical location.

Bode Dalton BA '25



Degree and Class Year

BA ’25


Idaho Springs, Colorado


Rhetoric and Media Studies


Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation


College Outdoors, Paddle Club, Fire Arts Club, Admissions

Overseas study

Granada, Spain, Fall 2023

What three words would you use to describe L&C?

Embracing, Supportive, Unique

What’s your favorite class? Why?

My favorite class thus far has been Rhetorical Theory with Visiting Assistant Professor Heather Hayes, which I took in the fall of 2022. Not only is Heather an incredibly knowledgeable and charismatic professor, but the class also introduced me to the different ways in which we think about rhetoric and discourse—which has translated into all of my rhetoric classes since.

What made you want to come to Lewis & Clark?

I wanted to come to Lewis & Clark because I wanted a smaller school (smaller classes primarily). I was looking at mostly liberal arts schools, and Lewis & Clark just stood out from the rest, not only for its academics but also for its geographical location. It seems I have everything from city life to the outdoors all around me. With close proximity to Portland, Mount Hood, and the coast, it has been the perfect fit.

What do you like or find most interesting about your major?

What I find most interesting about rhetoric and media studies is how broad it is. There are so many different and interesting classes that you can take with some outstanding professors. Nearly everything I have learned so far can also be translated into everyday interactions, which is great for application. It is interesting to map out patterns of causation and how things become the way they are through language and our interactions.

What do you like or find most interesting about your minor?

I am still pretty new to the entrepreneurial leadership and innovation minor, but so far, I have really enjoyed the applicable life lessons woven into the classes. I am currently taking Communicating a Vision with Associate Professor Bryan Sebok. The whole class is centered around public speaking and pitching, which is helping us build real-world skills in not only our professional careers but our personal lives as well. The classes are taught by professors from different departments, which is great because they incorporate themes from different perspectives and fields of study from my major. The entrepreneurship program is truly proving to be the definition of a liberal arts education.

Tell us about your support systems and social outlets on campus: people, activities, clubs, res halls, etc.

Being a small community, there are so many different support systems and social outlets on campus. Honestly, I have a hard time doing everything that I want to. However, one of the most important outlets and support systems for me is our College Outdoors program. Between working in their warehouse to training to become a trip leader, I have learned so many valuable skills as well as been introduced to an incredible group of people. On top of that, I participate in open mics throughout the year which has been great to meet other musicians and artists. The community really does make a difference when it comes to meeting new people and finding support in every way.

If you went on a New Student Trip with College Outdoors, how did it shape your experience as an incoming student?

I went on a New Student Trip, and it was probably the best decision I could have made coming in as a first-year student. It was the perfect way to become introduced to the L&C community and helped so much with my nerves as an incoming student. After the trip was over and we returned to campus for orientation, I already felt comfortable because I knew so many other people who were in the same situation as me. It made it that much easier to meet friends and people I connected with.

If you have studied or will study overseas while at Lewis & Clark, how did you choose your program? What did your overseas study add to your L&C experience?

I plan to study overseas in Granada, Spain, this upcoming fall semester (2023). One of the reasons I chose Lewis & Clark was because of the opportunities to study abroad. I’ve already been to Spain before, so it made the decision to study there very easy for me. The Office of Overseas and Off-Campus Programs is so wonderful in helping to make the process as simple as possible. Although I’ve felt stressed, they have been there every step of the way.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

My advice for incoming students is to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Whether that be a club that interests you or going to professor office hours, take advantage of it. A perk of going to a smaller liberal arts college is that you simply have more opportunity to become involved in the community than you would at a larger university. Therefore, be respectful and smart in your interactions with others—students and faculty alike. You don’t want to burn bridges early in your college career because they can bite you later.

Rhetoric and Media Studies Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation