February 01, 2024

Phonathon is Back!

The return to campus signals more than just classes—it’s Phonathon time. Answer the call to connect with a student, and to have the opportunity to shape the future at Lewis & Clark.

Phonathon Callers sitting on a picnic table smiling Ring… Ring…

It’s that time of year again, students are back from Winter Break and the campus is buzzing with the energy of a new semester. For 16 dedicated students from all years, majors and backgrounds, this also means the beginning of a new semester calling alumni and parents for Phonathon. This program is dedicated to connecting with the extended L&C community and raising money for the Annual Fund and these students have an important job– the funds they raise go directly to supporting the experience they and so many students get to have on campus.

  • Sophia stands smiling with her hands in her pockets

    I chose LC because I wanted to join a small and welcoming community whose values and interests matched my own.

    Sophia W (she/her) More about Sophia
  • Kiana standing on the bridge smiling

    I enjoy making connections with students, and former students are no different. It’s always lovely to hear about their time on campus and how things compare to today. I also enjoy keeping them in the loop of what it is like to be a student now at LC.

    Kiana H (she/her) More about Kiana
  • Elie Smiling

    I chose LC because the size of the college allows everything to be personal and focused. The international community is amazing and well taken care of.

    Elie A (he/him) More about Elie

The leaders of each team of callers kick off the shift by asking student callers an icebreaker question… What fictional family would you be a member of? How would your best friend describe you? What song has been stuck in your head today? And then once the conversation is going, students log onto their computers and start making calls.

On the other end of the line when you pick up, you may hear a voice say “Hi, I’m a student calling from Lewis & Clark College…”

From there, the conversation can go anywhere! From talking about favorite classes, swapping study abroad stories, to sharing what’s happening on campus these days– students are interested in learning about your or your student’s experience at LC. That conversation might just end up being the highlight of your day.

The impact of these conversations extends beyond the Phonathon calling room– at the end of each call, students talk about the importance that gifts to the Annual Fund and other critical areas have on not only their experience & education, but on the entire campus. 99% of the student body receives financial aid, many of whom would not be able to attend without this critical support.

  • “It really does mean a lot to me, personally. While I’ve always wanted to go to college, I never could have attended Lewis and Clark without the institution’s aid, and without the generosity of parents.” - Kiana Hall ’26

It doesn’t stop there– gifts to the Annual Fund not only make a quality education accessible to LC students, but it gives students, faculty and staff incredible opportunities such as overseas studies, faculty-student research opportunities, and so much more!

So when you hear your phone ringing, take a moment to answer the call! It’s more than just a conversation– it’s an opportunity to shape the future of education, community, and opportunity at Lewis & Clark.

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