Gifts in Memory

The following individuals were recognized by donors who made gifts in their memory during the 2020 fiscal year of June 1, 2019, through May 31, 2020.

Nicole Aas-Rouxparis
Isabelle DeMarte
“Chair, mentor, friend, and supporter extraordinaire!”

Rashid Nasser Al Mazrooie
Amal Al Mazrooie

John P. Anderson, Sarah Park Anderson and Jane L. Anderson-Rebholz
Peggy Anderson

Hugh Applewhite
Kenny Meyer

John & Helen Asmar
Alice Asmar

Donald Balmer
Sheila Greenlaw-Fink and Carl Fink

Elisabeth Balmer
Bob Rowe and Melanie Reynolds
Valerie Adams

Barbara Sheidler Bartholomew

Douglas Ward Bauer
Cynthia Bauer

Jerry Baum
Victoria Meier

Regis Burke
Betty Burke
Ginger Moshofsky and John Moshofsky

Flora Campbell
William Snouffer and Kathi Snouffer

Arthur Clawson
Alice Clawson

Chana Cox
Deanna Oothoudt and Ben Waterhouse

Thomas Darrow
Judy Mueller

Dinah Dodds
“From a grateful student.”
Mary Dindorf
“For her leadership of the Thailand trip in 1982-1983.”
Karen Gross and Milo George
Jeffrey Hayes
Christine Heycke
David LaFrance and Justine Miani
Terra Leifer
Averi Lohss
Joanna McCully and Tim McCully
“In loving memory of a truly exceptional educator and human being.”
Jane Monnig Atkinson and Effort Atkinson
Laura Mundt and Tony Paolucci
Deanna Oothoudt and Ben Waterhouse
Colin Saunders
Sara Savage and Peter Kaczkowski
“She inspired many with her love of life and learning, and will be missed.”
Bruce Suttmeier and Kevin Komos
Molly Vasquez and Joseph Vasquez
Susan Wisdom and David Wisdom

Judith Poxson Fawkes
Arlene Schnitzer

G. Eldon Fix
Susan Bennett Olson and Bill Nelson
Bryan Laycoe and Laycoe

Coburn Freer 1939-2019
Mona Freer

Jerry Gatto
Bill Allen and Katie Allen

Craig C. Gibson
Wendy Hall Ragusa and Roger Ragusa

Dr. Joseph M. Ha

Xan Harwood-Karlik ’06
Tanya Sloan and Brian Webb

Barbara Jacques
Catherine Merickel and Frank Merickel

James H. Karle
Jayne Oppliger-Wildschut and Alan Oppliger

Edith H. Kilbuck
Gary Nelson

Stephen H. Knox
David Busby

Rebecca Langer
Renda Nazzal

Jerry Larrance
Suz Larrance and Rob Alvarez

Ken LeDoux ’65
Christine Atchison
“For his dedicated efforts on behalf of the Summit Scholarship.”

Vernon L. Long
Linda Jackson and Mike Leonard
Jayne Oppliger-Wildschut and Alan Oppliger

William Lucht
David Busby
Barb Hutchison and Bill Hutchison

Sug May Luke
Esther Lee and Edward Lee

Eric K. Manning
Lisa Manning

Riba E. Marshall
Kevin Marshall and Carolyn Marshall

Gus Matterdorff
Jin Chen Cooper and Richard Cooper

Ann Miller
Jin Chen Cooper and Richard Cooper

Dale O’Bannon
Jin Chen Cooper and Richard Cooper

Shannon O’Leary
Kelley Koeppen
Michael O’Leary and Louise O’Leary

Reinhard Pauly
Bruce Lamott

Charles Proctor
Bryan Laycoe and Diane Laycoe

Nosratollah Rassekh
Dian Olson and Guy Olson

Arno Reifenberg
Kathleen Best
Joann Geddes
Stephanie Kenney
Jouni Korhonen and Amal Mansour
Janet Lee
Stephanie Lee
Paul Olson and Laurie Olson
Donna Schulz and David Schulz Schulz
Candace Stevens

Michael and Rebecca Richman
Michael and Rebecca Richman Memorial Scholarships

Rabbi Emanuel Rose
Teresa Lipman

Seham Salhiyah
Jouni Korhonen and Amal Mansour

Constance Odell Sams
Diane Calkins

Harvey Schmidt
Jin Chen Cooper and Richard Cooper
Marcus Nebeling and Sara Nebeling

Ann Herzog Schneider
Gary Smith and David Ligare

David J. Sellers
Dianne Shiner

Selena A. Steinmetz

James R. Tanis
Eileen Markson

Johanna Anderson Trueblood
Nathan Trueblood

Eric Van Patten ’69
Nonnie Capurro

Pete Vlahos
Jan Vlahos

Ted Vogel
David Shapiro
Josh Walter and Marisa Walter

Ed Vorholt
Julie Vorholt

G. Ray Warren
Lauren Bocanegra
Aaron Keliikoa
Carrie Wynkoop and Kari Chisholm

In Memory of my Father
Tania Weerasooria

Evan T. Williams
Elle McKay and Katie Miller

Kristi F. Williams
Dan Simon and Lauren Simon

Mark P. Wine
Sylvia Sissel Ovregaard and Jay Ovregaard

Riley Zickel
Bill Adelman and Judy Adelman
Jonah Svihus
“He was a bright, adventurous, and loving soul whose contributions to the Music Department and the community will always be remembered.”
Mary Whalen
“Riley made the world a more beautiful place. May his memory and future musicians continue to enhance the beauty surrounding us.”
Abe Field
Ann Matranga
Millard Murphy