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Giving to the College

Fir Acres Society Honor Roll

We’re honored to recognize the following individuals whose dedicated support of Lewis & Clark undergirds the exceptional academic and experiential opportunities we provide in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Thank you.

Donald R. Aaberg and Joan A. Aaberg
Christopher E. Abbruzzese and Shaanti Abbruzzese
Marco A. Abbruzzese and Molly A. Abbruzzese
Gregory C. Abel and Marsha E. Abel
Ginger K. Abts and Marvin L. Abts
Aysegul Acar-Dreyer and Douglas Dreyer
Bonnie J. Acker and Robert L. Acker
Sarah C. Adams and Brendan K. Adams
Gordon H. Adams and Shirley J. Adams
Annalei L. Aegerter and Anthoni F. Aegerter
Charlie K. Ahlquist and Meredith M. Price
Alexander D. Albertine and Margaret E. Albertine
Henry J. Alexander and Lyn Howard
Roberta A. Alexander and Daniel L. Cooper
Ronald J. Allen and Marcella K. Allen
Susan J. Allen and Gary W. Allen
James D. Alter and Phyllis D. Alter
Susan L. Ames and Benjamin E. Ames
David W. Amundson and Nancy Laurence
Kirsten L. Anawalt and Bradley D. Anawalt
Jeffrey W. Andersen and Maureen M. McCabe
Caroline L. Anderson and David A. Hennes
David J. Anderson and Laura J. Petrie Anderson
Erin E. Anderson and Samuel L. Wilcox
Janet G. Anderson and Larry C. Anderson
Mary Lee K. Anderson and Richard Holmes Anderson
Nancy J. Anderson and Albert R. Anderson
Naomi K. Anderson and David R. Anderson
Randi L. Anderson and Terry L. Anderson
Richard K. Anderson and Sheila M. Anderson
Theresa G. Anderson and Derek R. Larson, PhD
John T. Aney and Mary I. Dakin
Deborah J. Anholt and Thomas Anholt
Ellen Y. Arakawa and Myron S. Arakawa
Thomas F. Archer and Gayle M. Archer
Christopher E. Arends and Sorrel W. Arends
Noreen H. Arikawa and Norman S. Arikawa
Kathryn V. Arnold and R. David Arnold
Flavia M. Arsenault and Adonya A. Ourshalimian
Nancy A. Ashby and Milton D. Plocher
Robert L. Asher and Susan L. Glosser
Eric N. P. Atcheson and Carrie L. Atcheson, MD
Leslie A. Atiyeh and Thomas J. Atiyeh
James M. Atkin and Shannon T. Brady
Patricia W. Atkinson and Ross Atkinson
Linda E. Atlas and Karl Puls
Linda Austin and Jeffrey A. Forbes
David B. Avison and Jean B. Avison
David F. Bachman and Sally S. Bachman
Jeff Baffaro and Andrea Baffaro
Jules L. K. Bailey and Jessica A. Bailey
Mariel J. Bailey and Bruce Bailey
Barbara Bailey-Marold and Kelley Marold
Donald H. Baird and Morag G. Baird
Randy D. Baker and Debra Baker
Lynn W. Baker and Dennis R. Baker
Elaine J. Baker and Columbus Baker
Jennifer C. Balda and Joseph E. Balda
Barbara A. Balko and Paul Tratnyek
Sarah B. Ball and John R. Ball
Ternace A. Banasek and Timothy Banasek
Linda Barbosa and Jay Refugio
Erik K. Bardman and Kristine M. Bardman
Jandy C. Barentine and Michael W. Barentine
Thomas M. Barrett and Janet G. Barrett
Dominique R. Barrett and Edward R. Barrett
Virginia L. Barton and Kevin B. Clinch
John E. Bates and Susan S. Bates
Don E. Batten and Joan P. Batten
Todd P. Battenfield Wynward and Margaret Bartlett
June L. Baumler and Ralph J. Dobiejko
Kenneth R. Bays and Audrey D. Bays
Byron L. Beach and Leota K. Beach
Julianne Beall and William T. Amatruda
Debra F. Bean and Eugene K. Bean
Stuart E. Beck and Joanne T. Beck
Ronald H. Beck and J. Kathleen Beck
Michelle M. Beck and Roger Beck
Elizabeth L. Beck and David L. Beck, PhD
Joe Becker and Jean Brady
Matthew W. Beddoe and Suzanne Beddoe
Craig W. Beebe and Laura E. Content
Betty A. Beeson-Bauder and Richard Bauder
Randall P. Beighle and Stefanie K. Beighle
Maria G. Bekar and Clifford T. Bekar
Douglas W. Bell and Margaret E. Bell
Mary L. Bell and Robert P. Bell
Susan K. Bell and Jack B. Bell
Patricia S. Bell and Michael A. Bell
Louis M. Bellardo and Patricia K. Bellardo
Julie L. Belmore and Daniel S. Sager
Christopher D. Bennett and Elizabeth Bennett
John L. Bennett and Ann G. Bennett
Michael A. Bennett and Sarah M. Bennett
Suanne E. Benowicz and William E. Benowicz
Dale E. Benson and Jolita Benson
Laura M. Benson and Jeremy Brown
Steven R. Bentley and Teresa L. Bentley
Erik S. Benton and Carrie E. Uffindell
Michael V. Bergamini and Harli M. Dollinger
Robert W. Bergstrom and Sara Bergstrom
Andrea E. Beringer-Lyon and Charles E. Lyon
Beverly A. Berman and Jeffrey K. Backerman
Leah W. Berman Williams and Gordon Williams
Eric J. Bernhard and Sue Lowery
Fawn B. Bernhardt-Norvell and Craig Norvell
Steven I. Bernsen and Deanna Bernsen
Gertrude Bernstein and Lowell E. McVicker
Andrew W. Bernstein and Philip Ellway
Linda R. Besant and Martha F. Goetsch
Lynn Patrick Betteridge and John Betteridge
Toija J. Beutler and William C. Beutler
Earle R. Bevins IV and Kathleen Bevins
Christina M. Bialas and Larry Minor, Jr.
Paulette F. Bierzychudek
Broughton H. Bishop, Jr. and Kelley H. Bishop
William F. Bitar and Margaret R. Bitar
Carl F. Bittner and Emily J. Smith-Bittner
Robert G. Black and Gail M. Black
Karen K. Black and Jesse W. Black
Erin K. Black and Joseph S. Zendt
Heidi E. Blackburn, DVM and Richard Haupt
Charles D. Blackmar and Anne K. McHugh
Griffith M. Blackmon, MD and Sarah L. Lewis
Chardel G. Blaine and Charley Blaine
Susan E. Blair and Stanley Blair
Charles A. Blanchard and Allison J. Blanchard
Suzanne M. Blee and Robert Blee
Carolyn B. Blodgett and William P. Blodgett
Richard A. Bloomfield and Laura Bloomfield
The Honorable Earl F. Blumenauer and Margaret Kirkpatrick
Rocky Lane Blumhagen and Richard Royse
Lawrence J. Blus and Donna D. Blus
Peter C. Boal and Kelly A. Boal
Samuel W. Bock and Rachel M. Bock
Mary C. Bodine-Watts and Kai N. Watts
Matthew W. Bolte and Gail Bolte
Wendy L. Bond and Rodney Bond
Sandra J. Bottemiller and Jeff Bottemiller
Josephine I. Bourke and John H. Bourke
Pamela B. Bower and Peter Bower
Matthew M. Boyd and Amy H. Boyd
Adam F. Bradley and Anna S. Bradley
Marilyn L. Bradley and James H. Bradley
Shannon T. Brady and James M. Atkin
Barbara L. Bragg Holsman and Edward N. Holsman
John S. Bramhall and Jormain Cady
Gary B. Brandt and Jenan R. Brandt
Robin A. Branstator and Grant W. Branstator
William E. Brauner and Holly Brauner
Jenelle M. Braun-Stone and James P. Monegan
P. Nozomi Bray and Michael J. Bray
Carol B. Bress and Robert C. Bress
Robert L. Briand, Jr. and Nancy C. Briand
Jennifer L. Brion and Clay Brion III
Marcia C. Britton-Gray, MD and Steve Gray
Vasanthan A. Brodie and Suba Brodie
Michael L. Broide and Marjorie K. Rosenberg
Jane M. Bronk and Adrian M. Bronk
Bretton Z. Brown and Joshi L. Clare
Genevieve Brown and Fred L. Brown, Jr.
Jeremy Brown and Laura M. Benson
Kenneth R. Brown and Sharon C. Brown
Lauren E. Brown and Kieran Finn
Margaret C. Brown and Donald W. Brown
Rebecca T. Brown Thompson and Philip A. Thompson
David M. Browning and Mary G. Browning
Donald W. Brudvig and Shirley B. Brudvig
Bonnie M. Brunkow-Olson and Neal R. Olson, MD
Quantz M. Bruns-Kyler and Karl Bruns-Kyler
Charles S. Bryant and Mary E. Norton
Robert F. Buell and Christina Buell
William S. Buettner and Karalie G. Adams
Jerrie M. Bullerwell and Willard C. Bullerwell
Anne M. C. Bunn and Samuel V. Thompson
Shannon L. Buono and Brent D. Walth
Mary J. Burck and Wayne A. Burck
Sylvia E. Burk and Donald D. Burk
John P. Burke and Barbara A. Burke
Susan M. Burke and John S. Burke
Danna M. Burlingame and Michael R. Kay
DeEtte R. Burnett and Michael A. Burnett
Lisa S. Burnett and Richard A. Burnett
John B. Burns and Jayne E. Burns
Jonathan D. Burton and Lisa R. Eltinge
Tod A. Burton and Lynnette R. Weigand
Robert W. Bushman and Linda D. Bushman
Karen O. Bussan and John E. Bussan
Barry M. Butcher and Anne B. Butcher
Robert G. Byerly and Joyce S. Byerly
Joseph K. Byrne III and Stephanie Byrne
Kate A. Byrnes and Michael G. Byrnes
Carlo Caballero and Rachel Fetler
Manuel J. Cabral and Kathleen Cabral
Daniel J. Cain and Ana Caminos-Cain
Deana Calcagno and Joe V. Calcagno
Stacey A. Caldwell-Roberts and Robert B. Roberts
Christine C. Callery Pidwell and David W. Pidwell
Blair T. Campbell and Carolynn J. Campbell
Michael J. Campbell and Deborah L. Campbell
Corinna Campbell-Sack and Robert L. Sack
David H. Campen and Christine Y. Chang
Charles N. Cantelon and Janet H. Cantelon
Tamma A. Carleton and Scott Surface
Jeffrey R. Carleton and Marta J. Carleton
Susan B. Carlsen and Richard C. Carlsen
Gregory A. Carlson and Lisa Carlson
Susanne Carlson and Bruce Odekirk
Mara Carnahan and Patrick Carnahan
Ronald R. Carpani and Marlene E. Carpani
Janice E. Carr and Robert H. Carr
Elizabeth C. Carraro and David P. Lindsay
Lisabeth R. Carter-Widyaratne and Satyajit Carter-Widyaratne
Mary V. Carver and Ronald E. Carver
Matthew Casciani and Kristin Casciani
Dwight C. Cash and Paula L. Cash
Christi A. Cassel and Bryan C. Skeen
Diane M. Castanes and James C. Castanes, Jr.
Carla P. Cavenago-Salazar and Carlos M. Salazar
Nicholas R. Cerruti and Minyoung S. Cerruti
Keith K. Chang and Yolana L. Chang
Andrea S. Chang and Eugene M. Chang
Peter D. Chang and Alice F. Chang
Rita S. Charlesworth and Alan E. Charlesworth
Charles H. Charnquist and Carol L. Charnquist
Howard M. Chase and Shelby J. Chase
Ian V. Chavez and Becky A. Chavez
Yung-Pin Chen and Yuanchin Lai
Yin Jen Chen and Peiting Wang
Jin Chen Cooper and Richard N. Cooper
E. Tim Ching and Iris A. Ching
Betty J. Chinn and Richard A. Chinn
Captain Terry M. Christensen and Elizabeth Cadwallader
Gary E. Christopherson and Linda L. Christopherson
Richard L. Church and Carla Church
Edward C. Clapperton and Kayo Akatsuka
Joshi L. Clare and Bretton Z. Brown
Bradley D. Clark and Deborah D. Clark
Michael C. Clark and Christine Clark
Timothy B. Clark and Marimartha Clark
Janna H. Clark and David Clark
Linn E. Clawson and Laura L. Smith-Clawson
Scott W. Clifford and Alexandra B. Clifford
Kenneth E. Clifton and Lisa Clifton
Lynne M. Clinefelter and Dennis Clinefelter
Paula Clunk and Dieter H. Clunk
Kate Cocchiarella and Carl Cocchiarella
Steven H. Cochrane and Robin E. Fryer
Jeffrey J. Cohen and Wendy S. Cohen
Grant S. Cole and Madeleine S. Shaddy-Farnsworth
Timothy R. Cole and James Haire
Rachel E. Cole and Mark C. Knell
Jay W. Coleman and Cheryl A. Coleman
Rodger F. Colgan and Diana G. Colgan
Susan E. Collins and A. Thomas Carson
Erica C. Colmenares and John P. Colmenares
Clifford T. Conley and Holly H. Conley
Laura E. Content and Craig W. Beebe
Reed M. Content and Judith M. Content
James R. Cook and Kathryn M. Cook
Peter M. Cook and Martha R. Butler
John L. Cooper and Elizabeth B. Cooper
Rebecca E. Copenhaver and Gregory E. Bauer
Stacy K. Corbett-Yost and William A. Yost
Deborah G. Corlett and David H. Whitehead
E. B. Cornett and Linden Cornett
Kathleen A. Cornett and Stephen R. Grove
Tod M. Corrin and Beth B. Corrin
Kay E. Coskey and Lawrence A. Coskey
Theodore R. Cotton and Stephanie S. Cotton
Matthew D. Couch and Dawn M. Elmer Couch
Carolyn M. Cowan and Fred W. Cowan
Hannah M. Cowden and Robert T. Cowden
Christopher V. Cox and Katherine B. Young
Christine A. Cradler and Lawrence B. Ferguson, Jr.
David P. Craig and Kendra A. Mingo
Thomas J. Creelman and Patricia L. Creelman
Herbert D. Crew and Linda Crew
Courtney L. Crim and Michael J. Crim
Douglas B. W. Croall and Victoria M. Croall
Stewart F. Crosby and Lesley R. Crosby
Terri A. Crosby and Gary J. Crosby
Grant P. Crosby and Petra E. Wilm
Kathleen E. Crouch-Munro and Christopher C. Munro
Steven D. Crow and Joao DeCarvalho
Kenneth M. Cuno and Marilyn Cuno
Christine A. Curran and Ronald Vanderburg
Christopher J. Curtin and Patricia Curtin
Edward R. Curtis and Karen L. Curtis
Shawna D. Cyrus and Donnie Cyrus
Mark Dahl
Jennifer S. Dahnert and Stephen R. Dahnert
Mary I. Dakin and John T. Aney
Paul F. Dalrymple and Penny F. Dalrymple
Michael F. Daus and Shawn M. Reichel Daus
John P. Davenport and Elizabeth Davenport
Kristen S. David and Travis J. Horton
Janet E. Davidson and John Pendleton
Evan T. Davies and Nancy Davies
Russell K. Davis and Ann K. Davis
Shelby M.C. Davis and Gale L. Davis
Suzanne P. Davis and Kurt Kaliebe
Julio C. de Paula and Valerie Walters
Alan D. Dean and Kathleen S. Dean
Greg J. DeBois and Caroline R. DeBois
Emily A. Decker and David L. Decker
Thomas D. Dee III and Candace Dee
Erin D. Dees and Riley P. Meinershagen
Mark E. Deffebach, MD and Christina A. Deffebach
Colleen M. DeLee-Perlis and Michael F. Perlis
Peter H. Dempsey and Kathleen M. Dempsey
Darcy M. Rumberger Denegre and Brooke R. Denegre
Kelley L. Denney and Scott L. Child
Shannon M. Dennis and Lucas Dennis
Carol L. Densem and Jack I. Densem
Donna C. Dermond and Kurt J. Wehbring
Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell and Brian T. Detweiler-Bedell
Mary K. Devlin and Norman L. Hale
Norman C. Dick and Valdeane L. Dick
Sydney S. Dickerson and Bob Dickerson
Joan A. Diehl and William H. Diehl
Cindy Dielman-Carlson and Mark V. Carlson
Janet L. Dietrich and Daniel L. Erikson
Carol S. Dixon and Stephen D. Dixon
Hillary A. Dixon and Josh V. Aller
Bradley C. Doane and Barbara Stavig-Doane
Arleigh R. Dodson and Marion J. Dodson
Lawrence M. Dolton and Ellen B. Gobler
Moira A. Domann and Thomas J. Domann
Laureen K. Donald and Richard A. Donald
Andrea M. Dooley and Ryan Brown
Philip C. Doolittle and Barbara A. Doolittle
Christine L. Dorrance and John A. Dorrance
Jean S. Dote and Sam S. Dote
David M. Dougherty and Julie Dougherty
Stephen H. Dover and Andrea A. Dover
Darren M. Drabek and Kirstin Drabek
Arthur F. Draper, Jr. and Katherine W. Draper
David G. Drewelow and Alice G. Drewelow
Amy E. Drill and Darin S. Drill
Scott B. Dubchansky and Laurie D. Dubchansky
Janet E. Duncan and Melissa Thompson
Kay Arlene Dunkley and Peter J. Dunkley
Lawrence E. Dunlap and Bobbe N. Dunlap
Adam H. Dunn and Tamara R. Straw-Dunn
Mark A. Duntley and Melinda A. Smith
Sondra R. Dutra and John P. Dutra
Robert S. Earhart and Gregoire Galperine
Richard R. Earl and Shirley D. Earl
Lizbeth A. Ecke and David C. Meyer
Stephanie E. Eden and David C. Lord
Jonathan R. Edwards and Karen K. Edwards
Katharine R. Edwards and Ryan Edwards
Samuel L. Edwards and Judith K. Rickey
Marcus B. Eichenberg and Susie Meserve
Lee M. Eichhorn and William H. Eichhorn
Nicholas S. Eitel and Julie H. Eitel
Elizabeth L. Elliot and Charlie Devereux
Cody J. Elliott and Hollie M. Elliott
Richard R. Elwyn and Lynette D. Elwyn
Nancy Emerson and Robert B. Emerson
Dorothy A. Emerson and Steve Emerson
Kristin R. Engdahl and Christopher M. Engdahl
Gale N. Enger and George Barros
Margaret Koenig Englund and Gregory Englund
Sherry L. Ennis and Chris V. Ross
Jim Enright and Patricia Enright
Elaine Epperson Roux and Andre Roux
Jeffrey A. Erdman and Mary Erdman
Daniel L. Erikson and Janet L. Dietrich
Dina Hababa Erickson and Graham Erickson
John G. Erickson and Jane L. Stenmark
Anne Esmonde and Peter G. Esmonde
William B. Etzold and Janice E. Etzold
Diane H. Etzwiler and Robert L. Thallon 
Brian C. Evans and Jill C. Leary
John E. Evans III and Maryam B. Shadbeh-Evans
Hugh B. Everhart and Nancy J. Elliott
Bjorn L. Everson and Cecile M. Everson
Bruce C. Fabens and Diana Levy
Eli L. Fabens and Meredith L. Pamp
David W. Fahner and Dorothy E. Fahner
Kristine A. Falkner and Gregory Falkner
Alison M. Fankhauser and Evan Hess
Christopher L. Fantz and Heather Fantz
Robert J. Faris and Melanie M. Lau
Lori M. Farrell and David W. Thompson
Martin Faveluke and Suzanne Faveluke
Terry T. Faw and Dinah Faw
Brian A. Federico and Ken Houseman, Jr.
Donald H. Fehrs and Maureen S. Fehrs
Monica J. Feinberg-Gizzo and Daniel Gizzo
Peter Feldenheimer and Bonnie K. Black
Matthew J. Feldmeir and Susan E. Feldmeir
Jeri A. Fellerman and Joseph V. Fellerman
Jeffrey L. Fellows and Mary K. Shoaff
Alissa J. Fencsik and David Fencsik
Dan H. Fenn and Whitney L. Tawney
Wendy K. Fenner and James A. Fenner
Karen L. Fevold and Hans P. Van Dusen
David C. Fierberg and Deborah Baron
Barbara H. Fiese and Richard L. Fiese
Tracy J. Fike and Kristopher C. Fike
Robert A. Finch and Alice I. Finch
Katherine R. Finegan and Tim Finegan
Margaret M. Finn and David H. Michener
Margaret M. Finnegan and Stephen Finnegan
Andrea C. Fiorillo and M. William Lensch
Peter W. Firth and Krisann Firth
John W. Fish and Patricia R. Fish
Jeanne L. Fiske and Jack A. Fiske
Katherine L. FitzGibbon and Dan M. Rasay
Richard P. Flaster and Alice P. Mead
Michelle M. Fleming and Jeffrey Fleming
Mark R. Floyd and Ellen M. Floyd
Jill K. Fluvog and Stephen J. Fluvog
Erika M. Foin and Eric B. Houghton
Matthew K. Follett and Jill C. Follett
Jeffrey A. Forbes and Linda Austin
Aaron M. Forbort and David J. Haines
Michael S. Ford and Mary Lynn Ford
James L. Forman and Karen Forman
Daniel C. Fortmiller and Katherine A. Fortmiller
Ruth Foster Chang and Warren W. Chang
Glenn A. Fout and Lorraine Lim
Anthony W. Fowler and Julie D. Fowler
Stephanie J. Fowler and Irving J. Levin
David T. Fractor and Ivy S. F. Fractor
George R. Francis and Kathryn Kellerman
Charles E. Frank and Deborah L. Frank
James D. Frank and Pamela J. Frank
Erika Frank and Mark Frank
Emilie G. Frasco and David Frasco
L. Douglas Free and W. Elaine Free
Susan B. French and John Lawyer
Herbert P. Friedman III and Janet Wong
John W. Friends, Jr. and Sherron M. Stonecypher
Salvatore J. Frisina and Serena G. Frisina
Michael T. Fritz and Susan K. Fritz
Quentin T. Froemke and Elena Froemke
Anthony R. Fulgaro and Patricia Fulgaro
George M. Furniss and Sandy Larson
Kerry K. Fuse and Geza B. Techy
Tim R. Fyke and Janet L. Fyke
Peter M. Gaines and Lidia M. Gaines
Ronald R. Gaither and Donna R. Gaither
David Galaty and Debra Galaty
Traci A. Gale and David Gale
Mark F. Gallagher and Christina M. Gallagher
Megan M. Gallagher and Michael E. Gallagher, Jr.
Alison R. Garcia and Javier Garcia
Joe-Barry Gardner and Dominique A. Gardner
Brian E. Garrison and Deborah L. Winer
Mark C. Gary and Diane D. Gary
Barbara J. Gaston and Robert Gustafson
Gary A. Gates and Sharon M. Gates
Robert J. Gates and Catherine J. Gates
Charles F. Gault and Sandra M. Gault
Charline V. Gebhardt and Charles W. Gebhardt
Laurie Bevens Gee and Charlie E. Gee
Sean J. Gehrke and Colleen McKinney
Edward S. Geier and Elisa J. Geier
Gregory P. Geiger and Patricia A. Geiger
Mark A. Geistfeld and Janette I. Sadik-Khan
Eileen Geiter and David Geiter
Eleni D. George and John K. George
Kimberly E. Gester and Christopher Clair
Andrew Giesler and Jennifer C. Giesler
Ted K. Gilbert and Connie J. Gilbert
Craig Gilden and Alyssa Gilden
Scott E. Gillilan and Darcy Gillilan
John D. Gilliland and Frances E. Gilliland
Elizabeth A. Giraud and Richard Giraud
Warren V. Glass III and Peggy A. Glass
Cynthia J. Glazer and Peter K. Glazer
Elizabeth A. Gnerre and Samuel J. Gnerre, Jr.
Marie L. Godbey and Nicholas K. Schiller, MD
Anisa N. Goforth, PhD and James Fivecoats
Gary A. Goldfogel and Nancy C. Goldfogel
Daena J. Goldsmith and Michael A. Alberty
Douglas F. Goldsmith and Denise F. Goldsmith
Leonard M. Goldsmith and Claire E. Goldsmith
Brian S. Golub and Adrah Levin
Barry D. Gooding and Sheilagh Gooding
Cristina H. Gospodnetich and Gerald A. Gospodnetich
Carissa S. Goux and Jonathan H. Spalter
Georgiana K. Graf and Walter Graf
Maurine M. Granat and Kurt L. Granat
Victor W. Grandidier and Karen Jones Grandidier
Vicki J. Grandy and Stephen M. Hoffman
James H. Grant and Kathleen B. Grant
Spunky Gray and Barb Tyler
Edward M. Gray and Kathryn Gray
Celine P. Green and Sheldon G. Green
Rosemary G. Green and Eugene Green
Douglas E. Greene and Susan M. Sawicki
William M. Greenebaum and Elaheh A. Greenebaum
Donald J. Grigg and Cynthia Sand-Grigg
Lisa M. Grigg and Paul Grigg
Andrea K. Griswold and Lawrence R. Graham
Elisabeth I. Groening and Craig M. Bartlett
Karen E. Gross and Milo George
Stephen R. Grove and Kathleen A. Cornett
Peter W. Grube and Trina L. Grube
Martin D. Gruenthal and Terri L. Siler-Gruenthal
Jason W. Guchereau and Biljana R. Guchereau
Carl T. Guess and Janice K. Lloyd
E. Leeds Gulick and Wendy K. Gulick
Brian D. Gurski and Darly I. Corniel
Yvonne R. Gutierrez, MD and Steven E. Lerman, MD
Jared D. Hager and Elizabeth Scarbrough
Susan K. Haglund and Sigvard N. Haglund
William J. Hall and Martha A. Hall
Debora J. Hall and Travis W. Hall
Margaret E. Hall and Craig R. Nelsen
Wendy W. Hall Ragusa and Roger M. Ragusa
Nora J. Hallett and Jack B. Hallett
Charles D. Hamilton and Laurel R. Hamilton
John W. Hammill and Susan Hammill
Carolyn S. Hampton and David C. Hampton
Michael J. Hanada and Alyssa L. Hanada
Lois Hankins and Greg Hankins
Debra D. Hansen and Mark A. Hansen
Theresa E. Hanson and Douglas D. Hanson
Basil G. Hanss and Lisa Hanss
Susan S. Haou and Raphael Haou
Eric J. Hare and Tamar E. Hare
Van C. Hare IV and Zoe E. Edelen Hare
Gerald S. Harp and Mary C. Szybist
Elizabeth W. Harriman and Jae Y. Cha
Deirdre D. Harrington and Brian J. Harrington
T. Wayne Harris and M. Jean Harris
Ilene J. Harris and Andrew B. Harris
Joan G. Harris and Thomas J. Harris
Joyce E. Harris-Nord and Hans J. Nord
John F. Hart and Dianne A. Kornberg
James A. Hart and Kathleen C. Cooper
Loren J. Hart and Karen M. Hart
Zoe D. Hart and Todd C. Hart
Christopher R. Hartman and Patricia A. Hartman
Heather H. Harvey and Craig Roethler
Lunell Haught and Robert M. Pyle
Robert P. Hawkins and Kay Kott Hawkins
Wendy W. Hawthorne and Robert A. Hawthorne
Kelly W. Hayashi and Christopher W. Stori
David F. Hayes and Nona Gamel
Kelly A. Hayes and Helen Hayes
Leslie Hayes and David Rich
Paula J. Hayes and Brett L. Hayes
Robert G. Hays and Sabrina A. Hays
David A. Hearth and Lauren T. Hall
Phillip D. Hector and Brenda Hector
Judy C. Hedberg and Dennis J. Hedberg
Michael S. Hedrick and Julie S. Glass
Maria L. Hein and Kermit D. McCarthy
Justin C. Henderson and Heather Cassidy
Carly M. Henderson and Ben Kates
Raymond H. Hendricks and Patricia A. Hendricks
Jeffery M. Hensley and Mutsuko Hensley
Shirley A. Hercher and Terry Hercher
Carla J. Hernandez and Alexander W. Chucholowski
Martha M. Herr and Donald Herr
Thomas A. Herring
Richard J. Hertel and Mary Hertel
Preston L. Hess and Rita C. Lambert
Elizabeth A. Hess and Charles Hess
Nicholas H. Hesterberg and Maria C. Forero
Lucinda C. Hickey and Donald D. Hickey
Tracii L. Hickman and Michael L. Rassbach
John N. Hickox and Jennifer D. Hickox, MA
Mary H. Higgins and James W. Higgins
Sonia M. Highet and Joel C. Highet
Alan F. Hillier and Marilyn A. Hillier
Marcia W. Hilton and David M. Hilton
Yumi Hiramatsu and Takao Hiramatsu
Elaine G. Hirsch and Alec J. Hirsch
Claire C. Hobson and Nathan J. Hobson
Michael M. Hochberg and Anne M. Hochberg
Geraldine S. Hodge and Wallace Hodge
Mary A. Hoefel and Michael J. Hoefel
Christopher Hoffman and Susan A. Secord
Eric M. Hohman and Lauren S. Hohman
Isaac Holeman and Tara Cookson
Stacey M. Holeman and Michael E. Holeman
Thomas J. Holland and Sandra M. Holland
Jodyne L. Holloway and John D. Holloway
Dale W. Holloway and David Holloway
Beth M. Holly and Norman D. Holly
Phillip H. Holm and Naomi S. Holm
Beth A. Holmberg and Charles E. Holmberg
Rebecca D. Holt and Evan P. Holt
Michael A. Holtzclaw and Sarah J. Holtzclaw
Hans R. Holznagel and Kathryn H. Harlow
Lisa Hondros and Steven Christenson
Cheryl M. Hooley and David H. Hooley
Jonathon C. Horn and Sonja I. Horn
Terri L. Horst Walker and Kirk W. Walker
Carl E. Horton and Jeff D. Franklin
Dewey F. Horton and Ann M. Hatanaka
John S. Horton and Irene L. Collaço
Walter D. Horton and Rita S. Kester
Sharon J. Hosford and Bruce E. Hosford
George T. Hoshino and Yvonne Hoshino
Stephen J. Hossfeld and Elizabeth M. Hossfeld
Gary S. Howarth II and Elise M. O. Dietrich
Elizabeth M. Howe and John H. Howe
Raymond G. Howie and Patricia R. Howie
Heidi Y. Hu and Daniel S. Hsieh
Richard A. Hubbard and Kimberlee Hubbard
Jennifer A. Hubbert and Jay L. Crary
Kathryn M. Huber and Milo Stanojevich
Jeffrey L. Huckleberry and Sandra F. Huckleberry
Nancy Huestis and Randy Stocker
Kelly M. Hughes and Bill Duffy
Alan G. Hull and Pamela J. Edwards
Mary E. Hull Caballero and Raymond C. Caballero
Alan B. Humphrey, Jr. and Eleanor A. Boba
R. S. Humphreys and Gail S. Humphreys
Juniper F. Hunter and Jodi L. White
Ahmed M. Hussen and Fumie T. Hussen
Brent H. Hutchings and Chrys A. Hutchings
Jamie H. Hyams and Michael Hyams
Lynda M. Iman-Loch and Nasir Y. Iman
Adrienne C. Inglis and Emilio M. Torres
Katherine M. Ingmanson and Alexander Karagiannis
Richard J. Ingram and Pamela L. Harrington
Stephen W. Ingram and Karen V. Ferrell-Ingram
Roger W. Innes and Karen A. Jepson-Innes
Margaret M. Inoue and Hidetaka Inoue
Myah M. Irick and Jaime A. Irick
Carol A. Iverson and James Iverson
David I. Jackson and Noel B. Jackson
Gary T. Jackson and Elizabeth A. Jackson
Robert W. Jackson and Barbara L. Jackson
Nancy C. Jackson and Bradley W. Jackson
Corinne B. Jaffe-Gellman and Steven E. Gellman
William S. James and Nancy J. James
Paula V. Janz and Robert C. Janz
Jon V. Jaqua and Kimberly Cooper
Evan R. Jaqua and Sue Jaqua
Laura Jaquith Bartlett and Todd Bartlett
Christopher E. Jay and Mardra Jay
David E. Jeans and Margaret J. Jeans
Douglas L. Jeavons and Susan Shepherd
Christos R. Jensen and Melissa J. Jacobsen
Erik C. Jensen and Adrienne Jensen
Jerome T. Jerome III and Samantha J. Jerome
Alan A. Jochim and Carla F. Jochim
Larry D. Johansen and Mariko Johansen
Jacqueline K. Johnson and William Towler
Nancy J. Johnson and Arthur T. Fee, Jr.
Donald P. Johnson and Elizabeth M. Johnson
Duane C. Johnson and Teresa A. Johnson
Deborah L. Johnson and Timothy E. Johnson
Eileen T. Johnson and Jackie L. Johnson
Kimberly H. Johnson and Daniel Johnson, Jr.
Lindell G. Johnson and Ernie J. Johnson
Rosalee M. Johnson and Eric O. Johnson
Dana E. Johnson and Mark L. Nelson
Erica L. Johnson and Lance M. Johnson
Jessica A. Johnson and Tim Thomas
Leah J. Johnson and James M. Johnson IV
Curtis N. Johnson and Loretta Johnson
Catherine E. Johnson-Ference and Stephen Ference
Robert C. Johnston and Margaret M. Johnston
Karyn R. Johnston and Adam T. Johnston
Jeff C. Jones and Allison F. Jones
Philip N. Jones and Holly N. Mitchell
Ronald W. Jones and Dennis Bales
Janet L. Jones and Stuart D. Jones
Moira O. Jones and Kevin M. Jones
Suzanne L. Jordheim and Steven H. Jordheim
Marta A. Judson and Matthew B. Judson
Jean K. Julier and Robert M. Julier
Franz E. Junga and Roberta Junga
Benjamin A. Kalm and Jennifer Vigor-Kalm
Heather L. Kalowsky and Daniel R. Kalowsky
John W. Kamysz and Kristen Kamysz
Edward Kancler and Audrey P. Kancler
The Honorable Henry Kantor and Jill F. Kantor
Rand S. Kaplan and Deborah Fuerth
Susan Kaplan Carlton and Ralph K. Carlton
Michaele Kashgarian and Mark E. Rose
Joel O. Katz and Allison F. Katz
Melvia Choy Kawashima and James Kawashima
Michael R. Kay and Danna M. Burlingame
David A. Keefe and Donna M. Thompson
Hugh A. Keener and Julie K. Keener
Mary E. Keir and Karl M. Ansel
Sarah W. Keller and Cary S. Keller, MD
Michael H. Kelly and Anne E. Kelly
Karen J. Kelly and Jeffrey M. Kelly
Colin T. Kemp and Tara Desautels
Ernest C. Kemp and Debra A. Kemp
Bradley G. Kennedy and Rebecca A. Irwin Kennedy
Bruce D. Kennedy and Sandra L. Kennedy
Owen E. Kenton and Margaret Hawthorne
Judy A. Kern and Bill Kern
Stephen T. Kerr and Jill Ryan
Peter K. Kerr and Lori K. Kerr
D. Steven Ketzler and Marjorie Ketzler
A. Jerry Keyser and Marcia W. Keyser
Heng-Pin Kiang and Shirley E. Kiang
Anita S. King and Howard L. Brockman
Valerie J. King and Paul Kennedy
Denise L. King and Lamont King
James G. Kirk and Elizabeth J. Kirk
Catherine Kirkland and James Hare
Clark H. Kirkman IV and Inger M. Kirkman
Elizabeth H. Kirkpatrick and George S. Kirkpatrick
Steven R. Kirkwood and Colette S. Kirkwood
Isao Kitagawa and Lillian Y. Kitagawa
Mary E. Kitchel and Sidney Kitchel
Paula A. Kitchen and Douglas A. Kitchen
Jessica M. Kleiss and Jeffrey Kleiss
Rosemary E. Kley and Edgar P. Kley
George W. Kline and Jennifer W. Kline
Linda A. Knepper and Wayne T. Knepper, Jr.
Paul W. Knoll and Susan L. Knoll
David H. Knott Jr. and Blythe A. Knott
Pamela P. Knowles and Gary Knowles
Marylouise R. Knupp and Robert T. Knupp
George E. Koch and Barbara J. Smith Koch
Matthew P. Kocher and Efti F. Kocher
Patricia J. Koczur and Leonard J. Koczur
Catherine G. Kodat and Alex Kodat
John A. Kohler IV and Christina Fratino
Lindsay B. Kohn Suttin and Jonathan Suttin
John P. Kometani and Vicky L. Kometani
Ellen L. Konrad and Chris A. Wilson
Jouni J. Korhonen and Amal A. Mansour
Janet R. Kornegay and Daniel Sykes
Gary M. Korotzer and Kathleen M. Korotzer
Marilyn Sather Korte and William C. Korte
Oren Kosansky and Julie Hastings
Jeannette Koster and Howard Koster
Ronda K. Kotelchuck and David Kotelchuck
Daniel E. Kowal and Karen A. McCarthy
O. John Kralovec III and Julia B. Houpt
Cynthia M. Krause and John O. Leitner
Mariya Kravkova and Michael Pevzner
John L. Krieg and Marguerite M. Oines-Krieg
Paul L. Kristensen and Trudi M. Brock
Martha L. Krueger and Peter Krueger
Deborah L. Krum and Richard P. Hilbig
Jarrett K. Kubo and Lana J. Shotwell Kubo
Robert A. Kugler and Mitzi R. Kugler
Gregory S. Kullberg and Sharon L. Kullberg
Brian H. Kumasaka and Suzanne M. Kumasaka
Robert N. Kwan and Grace C. Kwan
James R. Laffan and Kate Brooks
Charlene E. LaFountain and Dale LaFountain
David B. LaFrance and Justine J. Miani
Deborah A. Lamb and Joseph J. Valenza
Laureen D. Lamb and Bob Lamb
Phillip B. Lamberson and Janet O. Lamberson
The Honorable Jack L. Landau and Diane Bridge
Kimberly S. Lande and Scott P. Henry
Marianne G. Lane and Myron Lane
Philip D. Lang and Virginia Lang
Christy L. Lang and Carolyn Curry
Diana K. Larsen and Lawrence Larsen
Derek R. Larson, PhD and Theresa G. Anderson
James F. Larson and Jo Anne Larson
Barbara J. LaTour and Thomas W. LaTour
Wanda L. Latshaw and Michael E. Latshaw
Peter H. Latson and Catherine J. Latson
Kathleen M. Laughlin and Steven D. Classen
Jeffrey J. Lauritz and Lara M. Lauritz
Donna J. Lawrence and Frank Lawrence
Helen E. Lawrence and Albert W. Hoguet
Jill C. Leary and Brian C. Evans
Stephen G. LeBoutillier and Jennifer P. LeBoutillier
Kenneth LeDoux and Wendy LeDoux
Douglas W. Lee, Sr. and Donald R. Dickenson
Peter V. Lee and Nani Lee
Mary E. Lemon and Linn Lemon
Bruce L. Lemon and Marian L. Lemon
Janet E. Leng and John S. Leng
Kenneth M. Lenherr and Jane Lenherr
Joshua P. Lenthall and Melanie Hinds
Joseph M. Lenz and Andrea S. Charlow
Margaret E. Leonard and Jeffrey B. Leonard
Timothy J. Leslie and Beverly Bruer
Noah K. Lesser and Laura Capell
Romayne R. Levee and Thomas M. Levee
Jeffrey A. Levin and Carolyn J. Levin
Shana Levine and Clark S. Ide
Judith M. Lewis and Nicholas D. Lewis
Theodore S. Leybold and Skye Leybold
Martin S. Liberman, MD and Elinor B. Liberman
Matthew Z. Liebman and Laura C. Merrick
Judith L. Lindley and A. Raymond Lindley
David P. Lindsay and Elizabeth C. Carraro
John E. Lindsley and Catharine D. Lindsley
Brian J. Lindstrom and Cheryl Strayed
Kimberly A. Linton and Daniel S. Rothberg
Thomas G. Linvill and Beth D. Linvill
Steven E. Lipus and Teresa A. Lipus
Christine M. Liu and Justin Smith
Janice K. Lloyd and Carl T. Guess
Jay A. Locey and Susan A. Locey
Janis E. Lochner and Steve M. McCabe
Elizabeth G. Loeser and Harris M. Loeser
Jeremy D. Loew and Holly R. J. Loew
Alex Loewenthal and Patricia Chamness
William F. Logan and Ann M. Logan
Donald C. Long and Shannon Long
Michael J. Lopez and Reyna M. Lopez
David C. Lord and Stephanie E. Eden
Christine M. Lorentz and Gerald R. Gustafson
Joan L. Lotze and Don L. Lotze
Steve T. Louie and Laura L. Louie
Rebecca Z. Loveless and Jack Williams
Clifford L. Low and Deloris L. Low
Charla J. Lower and Geoff Whiting
Philip R. Lowery and Kelcey Poe
Jillian C. Lowery and Michael Lowery
Vernon P. Lucas and Mary L. Lucas
Arvin R. Luchs and Susan Luchs
David F. Ludwig and Ann R. Ludwig
Stacy M. Luehr-Sele and Trenton Sele
Donald M. Lunday and Janice F. Lunday
Duane A. Lundeberg and Christina L. Lundeberg
Daniel M. Luzadder and Nancy A. Luzadder
David K. Mabie and Amanda B. Mabie
Caitlin S. MacKenzie and William K. MacKenzie
Craig A. MacLeod and Caroline MacLeod
Christopher H. MacLeod and Alex MacLeod
Samuel K. Macon and Emma J. Macon
Stuart R. MacPherson and Juliana K. MacPherson
Morgan V. Madison and Rachel B. Madison
Steven R. Maeglin and Catherine C. Ryan
Timothy J. Mahaffy and Kathryn L. Mahaffy
Patrick J. Mahaffy and Anna Mahaffy
James E. Majeskey II and Tammy Majeskey
Mike C. Malmquist and Vicky Malmquist
Olivia J. Malmstrom and Seth Malmstrom
Douglas K. Mandel and Susan Mandel
Ronald B. Manhire and Joanne M. Manhire
Amal A. Mansour and Jouni J. Korhonen
Albert E. Marcano and Dea M. Marcano
James S. Marchant and Jessica Marchant
Sarah L. Marin and Jean-Claude M. Marin
Sarah L. Mariner and Charles T. Pratt
Sue Ellen M. Markey and James Boyd
Doris R. Marks and Steven P. Marks
Ronald A. Marks and Kathleen S. Marks
Robert N. Marquardt and Judith S. Marquardt
Kevin G. Marshall and Carolyn M. Marshall
Daniel S. Marshall and Laurie Walter
Miss Adrianne R. Martin and Robert Thrapp
Keith R. Martin and Michelle D. Martin
Thomas T. Martin and Becky Martin
Joel A. Martinez and Marla J. Pallin
Christina M. Matheis and Nikolaus W. Matheis
Barbara A. Mathers-Schmidt and Robert H. Schmidt
Stephen M. Mathews and Marcie A. Mathews
Robert J. Matthews and Mary L. Lynch Matthews
Nancy A. Mattson and Joanna L. Ponce
Carol Nothiger May and Lynwood F. May
Suzanne D. McAlister and Michael W. Palmer
John B. McAllister and Julie A. McAllister
Susan H. McBerry and Albert M. Alter
Dana M. McBrien and Philip J. McBrien
John J. McCabe and Jean McCabe
Leslie M. McCall and Peter R. Shoemaker
Rachele McCarthey, MD and Brock Van de Kamp
Kermit D. McCarthy and Maria L. Hein
Mary Louise McClintock and Thomas A. Balmer
Nancy A. McClintock and Jack Shultz
Thomas W. McClure and Wendy S. McClure
W. Joseph McCorkle Jr. and Talmadge E. McCorkle
Richard M. McCourt and Becky Simmons
Mary J. McCreight Henderson and Alexander D. Henderson
John C. McCullough and Sandra L. McCullough
Melanie McDermott and David Hughes
Elizabeth H. McDonald and Jason McDonald
Russell E. McDuff and Tobae G. McDuff
Laura J. McGeever and Marc McGeever
Susan A. McGill and Steve K. McCreddin
Anne K. McHugh and Charles D. Blackmar
Craig L. McIntosh and Debra McIntosh
Tara M. McIrvin and Trevor McIrvin
Elle M. McKay and Katie Miller
George J. McKeel and Joy McKeel
Jennifer T. McKinlay and Todd McKinlay
Lindy McKnight and Erin Cunningham
Barbara J. McKown and Stewart C. McKown
Laurie A. McNaughton and Timothy G. McNaughton
Madeline D. McNeely and Stephen J. Esposito
Ellen L. McNeil and James S. Wiltens
Riley P. Meinershagen and Erin D. Dees
Larry L. Mellum and Betty L. Mellum
Patricia H. Melville and Jeffrey W. Melville
Karoli A. Merzbach and Ralph E. Merzbach
Margaret Metz and Dan O’Rielly
Janet G. Metzger, PhD and Robert C. Douglas, PhD
Denise M. Meyer and John Martin
Lisa D. Meyer and Darren S. Ferris
Shaul Mezrahi and Caroline S. Mezrahi 
Justine J. Miani and David B. LaFrance 
Brenda M. Michels and Keith Michels
Loren G. Michelsen and Angeline Michelsen
Alanna Miel and Adam Creighton
Steven P. Millard and Stacy Selke
Craig H. Miller and Judith A. Miller
Larry M. Miller, MD and Carol A. Miller
Andrew P. Miller and Gym Tan-Miller
Richard D. Miller and Peggy L. Miller
Steven Miller and Corinne Miller
Janice C. Miller and Dale Miller
Cheryll A. Miller and Paul M. Miller
Sherelle Mills and Thomas Mills, MD
Edward P. Miner and Sumaya N. Miner
Kendra A. Mingo and David P. Craig
Matthew P. Mintier and Eszter Vegh
Laura M. Mintz and Eli D. Levine
Nicole A. Miranda and Mike C. Skrzynski
Holly N. Mitchell and Philip N. Jones
Kenneth R. Mitchell and Diane Mitchell
Annette F. Mitter and Joseph D. Mitter
Gwendolyn J. Mitzel and John R. Mitzel
Cathryn S. Moitoret and Jeffrey S. Barker
Lisa Moline and John Hall
Sharron A. Monohon and Richard Macy
Claire E. Monteiro and Robert J. Monteiro
Barbara C. Monteleone and William J. Monteleone
Marcia B. Montgomery and Hugh N. Montgomery
Kathryn A. Moody and Thomas B. Osgood
Richard L. Moore and Valerie A. Moore
Geraldine L. Moore and Melvin E. Moore
Traci L. Mordell and Michael Mordell
Lillian N. Morgan and Donald E. Morgan
Cheryl A. Morgen and Michael M. Morgen
Paul K. Moritz and Jayleen L. Ryberg
Richard M. Morris III and Judy Morris
Therese M. Morris and Richard W. Morris
Ginger I. Moshofsky and John C. Moshofsky
Barry M. Mount and Kathryn A. Mount
Elsie M. Muiderman and Anthony B. Muiderman
Megan A. Mullaly and Brian M. Mullaly
James D. Mullins and Grethe A. Larson
Jessica L. Mullins and Seth M. Thomas
Laura A. Mundt and Tony E. Paolucci, Jr.
Christopher C. Munro and Kathleen E. Crouch-Munro
Julia Horton Munson and Kurt R. Munson
Daniel J. Murphy and Chiaki Murphy
David R. Murphy and Kristina F. Murphy
Matthew D. Murphy and Cynthia L.I. Murphy
Richard R. Murray and Marla Murray
Jill E. Murray and Kevin Murray
James D. Mutch and Judith T. Mutch
Roger Myoraku and Yumiko Myoraku
Harold B. Nachtrieb and Christine L. Nachtrieb
Kyle K. Nakanelua and Lolita L. Nakanelua
Steven S. Naragon and Pamela S. Higgins
Marisa F. Naujokas and Matthew S. Moran
Babita Nautiyal and Jaishanker Nautiyal
Samuel C. Navarro, Jr. and Anne Y. Navarro
Marcus P. Nebeling and Sara Nebeling
Mary S. Neel and Richard S. Neel
Aaron T. Nelson and Heidi Nelson
Andrew D. Nelson and Jennie M. Nelson
Douglas C. Nelson and Audrey C. Nelson
Paul D. Nelson and Mary L. Nelson
Philip H. Nelson and Joyce Trygstad Nelson
Diana L. Nelson and Richard A. Nelson
Linda M. Nelson and David W. Nelson
Mary M. Nelson and Eric S. Nelson
Carolyn J. Nettleingham and Jack D. Nettleingham
Dana J. Neujahr and Andrew B. Neujahr
Christopher D. Newell and Astrid Newell
Jessica D. Newens and Joel Coniglio
Michael A. Newman and Kathy P. Newman
Jeffrey S. Newton and Carla D. Frisk
Kieu-Oanh T. Nguyen and Michael S. Roth
Charles F. Niederriter and Debora S. Niederriter
Enid E. Nielsen and Timothy C. Nielsen
Patrick A. Nielson and Dorris F. Nielson
Erik L. Nilsen and Carla Nilsen
Jennifer N. Nobis and David J. Burney
Tony D. Noe and Beverly J. Orth
H. Gerald Nordberg, Jr. and Linda F. Nordberg
Hans E. Nordstrom and Jennifer F. Nordstrom
E. Susan Norris-Davis and Mark Davis
Mary J. Norton and Ernest Norton
Arthur J. O’Connor IV and Kendra Bray
Clarisa R. Odell and William A. Odell
Dawn V. Odell and Matthew N. Johnston
Alan C. Oehler and Victoria L. Wolcott
Julie M. O’Herin and Brian E. O’Herin
Christopher C. Ohman and Tamara J. Uecker
Vivian K. Olguin and Victor Olguin
Michael Olich and Eduardo Martinez-Zapata
Larry K. Olsen and Adriana P. De La Cruz
Eric M. Olson and Christine H. Olson
Susan Bennett Olson and William R. Nelson
Robert N. Olson and Linda D. Clark-Olson
Dian R. Olson and Guy E. Olson
Patrick B. O’Neal and Brendan O’Neal
Aaron A. O’Neil and Sarah L. O’Neil
Kenji Onishi and Martha M. Onishi
Deanna R. Oothoudt and Benjamin W. Waterhouse
Jayne C. Oppliger-Wildschut and Alan F. Oppliger
Judy A. Orem and Frank M. Orem
Duane R. Oser and Lynn K. Oser
Brian M. Oshima and Debra C. Oshima
Gary S. Oshiro and Mary Lee Oshiro
Mary Pat Osterhaus and John R. Osterhaus
Katherine I. Osti and Christopher D. Osti
Karen M. Osuna and Dale G. Osuna
James V. Ouellet and Michelle Ouellet
Adonya A. Ourshalimian and Flavia M. Arsenault
Geoffrey D. Owen and Carol A. Timm
Heather L. Paetsch and Erich M. Paetsch
Michael W. Page and Sheryl Page
Steven M. Pagel and Julie A. Pagel
Muriel C. Pallay and Hal H. Pallay
Michael Palmer and Judith Cerne Palmer
Richard C. Palmer, MD and Beverly B. Palmer, PhD
Meredith L. Pamp and Eli L. Fabens
Paul S. Panicacci and Jennifer T. Panicacci
Julio A. Pantoja and Charlotte A. Pantoja
Frank F. Panzarella and Paula L. Panzarella
Tony E. Paolucci, Jr. and Laura A. Mundt
Jin Y. Park and Julieann Park
Trevor A. Parker and Denise M. Castanon
David A. Parker and Alice L. Boytz
Paul E. Parkhurst and Catherine A. Parkhurst
Virginia E. Paton and John D. Paton
Patrick G. Patterson and Jacqueline A. Patterson
Liza Patton and Joseph Patton
David D. Paull and Christine Paull
Matthew R. Peak and Steven S. Putney
John M. Pearce and Elizabeth A. Manning
Victoria M. Peck and Major Robert C. Peck
Dennis T. Peery and Jana Y. Peery
Lisa R. Peloquin and Darryl R. Peloquin
Nanette Peppin and George Peppin
Grant L. Perry and Laurel R. Perry
Matthew H. Perry and Luana C. Perry
Lo Sun Perry and Randy A. Perry
Robert N. Peters and Margaret Peters
James C. Petersen and Sally Petersen
Paul T. Petersen and Margo C. Bryan
Patricia J. Petersen and James E. Petersen
Gary W. Peterson and Laura A. Peterson
Mark R. Peterson and Iris Peterson
Stephen B. Peterson and Edith S. Peterson
Laurie J. Petrie and Dennis Petrie
Kristi J. Petters and Scott Petters
Charlea M. Pfaender and David M. Pfaender
Mara Pfund and Robert J. Pulliam
Christopher L. Phan and Sarah R. Phan-Budd
Earl E. Philips and Karen Gaddis-Philips
Donavan J. Phillips and Luz B. Phillips
Robert L. Phillips and Leslie A. Phillips
Megan A. Phillips and Daniel Phillips
Richard F. Piacentini and Andrea L. Piacentini
James A. Pierret, Jr. and Kathryn S. Kramer
Paula B. Pietrok and Mark L. Pietrok
D. Smith Piper and Mary Ott Piper
Bruce M. Podobnik and Nina Meledandri
Ruth K. Poindexter and Charles Poindexter
Amy B. Poirier and Arnaud Poirier
William R. Pollard and Jennifer B. Pollard
Dominick A. Pollastro and Caitlin Pollastro
Jennifer Pomeroy Fronk and Rudi P. Fronk
Ellen K. Pope and James E. Pope
Robert W. Popper and Marcia Popper
Troy N. Portash and Sparkle L. Portash
Dean R. Porter and Marian J. Porter
R. Lance Potter and Debbie Potter
Samuel W. Pratt and Robin Pratt
William C. Pressly and Carole Douglass
Meredith M. Price and Charlie K. Ahlquist
Barbara J. Price and Jane Hurtig
Carla S. Prosch and Brian W. Prosch
Joan L. Pubols and Merton H. Pubols
Shannon H. Pullen and Michael A. Pullen
David I. Pullin and Carol C. Pullin
Carolyn M. Pursinger and Branden L. Pursinger
Steven S. Putney and Matthew R. Peak
Marily C. Quesnel and Patrick Quesnel
Erika L. Quiggins and Daniel J. Quiggins
Harriett G. Quinn and James F. Quinn
Michael J. Quishenberry and Elisabeth S. Quishenberry
Carolyn A. Raber and Weijian Ni
Ronald K. Ragen and Lee B. Ragen
Martha M. Ragland and Robert C. Brown
Virginia B. Ragle and Allen E. Klein
Lee Lane Rahr and Guido Rahr
Roger A. Ralston and Elisa E. Nappa
William K. Ralston and Barbara F. Ralston
Elizabeth E. Ramsey and Donald L. Ruff
Janet E. Range and Eric A. Swehla
Kate B. Raphael and Dennis C. Raphael
Dan M. Rasay and Katherine L. FitzGibbon
Marianne E. Ratcliff and Kevin M. Rainwater
Bret A. Ratfield and Cheryl M. Ratfield
Peter W. Rayment and Charlotte Chamberlain
Steven R. Rayner and Colleen M. Keefe
Ian E. Rea and Corinna Rea
Stephen B. Real and Nancy L. Bloom
John T. Reed and Diane F. Reed
Meenos G. Rees and Jane A. Rees
Barbara S. Reid and Dan K. Seilheimer
Ginger McLean Rembold and Rick Rembold
Richard M. Repp and Corrinne B. Repp
Mary K. Resk and John F. Rompala
John A. Revier and Susan M. Revier
Elizabeth J. Revington and George K. Revington
Amy K. Reyes and Jonas S. Reyes
Wes L. Reynolds and Susan P. Reynolds
Duane K. Rhoadarmer and Susan Rhoadarmer
Byron A. Rice and Karyl A. Rice
Rex A. Rice and Merry M. Rice
Brita E. Rice and Donald M. Bullock, Jr.
Terri M. Rice and Steven M. Rice
Robert L. Ridgley and Marilyn Ridgley
Christopher O. Ritter and Robin Platt
Rebecka M. Rivers and Todd Rivers
Linda M. Robertson and Roger G. Mills
James V. Robertson and Kayo M. Robertson
Carla S. Robinson and John T. Robinson, DMD
Molly Robinson Kelly and Gordon P. Kelly
Kilburn H. Roby III and Shirley E. Roby
Kilburn H. Roby IV and Diah Roby 
Lindsay E. Rocks and David A.W. Smith
Stephen S. Rodewald and Kristin M. Keegan
Katie B. Rodgers Boxeth and Timothy J. Boxeth
Craig Roethler and Heather H. Harvey
Renee Rogers Kotz and Bradley Kotz
Jay S. Rosenbloom and Michelle A. Rosenbloom
Lynn A. Rosencrantz and Arne Rosencrantz
Stephen M. Rossetter and Laura B. Rossetter
Curtis Roth and Jane Eichenberger
Katherine W. Rouzie and Don Rouzie
Robert C. Rowe and Melanie A. Reynolds
Cathy Rowland and Charles P. Rowland
John R. Rowles and Billie Rowles
David J. Ruderman and Oksana Ruderman
Donald L. Ruff and Elizabeth E. Ramsey
Barbara K. Rugeley and Gregory B. Shapton
Linda J. Ruggeri and Michael A. Zarrella
Alana M. Ruprecht and Daniel J. Ruprecht
Jonathan W. Russell and Michelle Russell
Richard D. Rust and Kathryn Rust
Margaret L. Rust and Stephen R. King
Nancy Kay Ryan and Phillip W. Ryan
Charles H. Rybeck and Jan S. Rybeck
David A. Sack and Jean C. Sack
Robert L. Sack and Corinna Campbell-Sack
William H. Sack and Susan M. Sack
Daniel S. Sager and Julie L. Belmore
John L. Sager and Kathy Sager
Deborah R. Salkind and Louis K. Salkind
Mary E. Sampson and John W. Sampson
Charles V. San Nicolas and Lynn W. San Nicolas
Traci K. Sanders and Kelly J. Sanders
Robert H. Sandmeier and Catherine D. Sandmeier
Julie E. Sandygren and Wesley R. Sandygren
Marc D. Saxowsky and Tina M. Saxowsky
Timothy E. Schaftlein and Cynthia H. Schaftlein
Anne J. Schagen and Michael E. Allen
Lecia L. Schall and Michael Schall
Ross H. Schapiro and Karen L. Schapiro
Sandra A. Schlabach and Irvin P. Schlabach
David L. Schlesinger and Jean L. Schlesinger
Michael O. Schmitt and Jaylen A. Schmitt
Dorson J. Schneider and Mary J. Heil Schneider
Thomas J. Schoeneman and Mary E. Schoeneman
Sonja L. Schoeppel and Mark L. LaVigne
Judean E. Scholer and Robert G. Scholer
John H. Schroeder and Sandra A. Schroeder
Priscilla F. Schroeder and Arthur A. Schroeder
Jean E. Schroepfer and Mark Schroepfer
David A. Schubert and Mary-Anne Schubert
Priscilla K. Schultz and Les Schultz
Arnold H. Schumann and Shirley J. Schumann
John F. Schunhoff and Kenneth C. Titley
James P. Schwartz and Leslie F. Schwartz
Marius Schwartz and Leslie A. Blackmon
Ana S. Schwartz and Daniel M. Schwartz
Dale E. Scott and Christa M. Scott
Cynthia Y. Scott and Peter K. Scott
Campbell B. Seamans and Dale H. Seamans
Victor W. Sears, Jr. and Judith D. Sears
Kimberly R. Seater and Matthew Lawrence
Benjamin D. Selcow and Heather L. Peddie
Christina M. Self and Thomas M. Self
Jacob J. Seljan and Hilary E. Crook
Allen W. Senear and Trudie V. Loubet
Yumi L. Sera and Robert C.Y. Tse
Maryam B. Shadbeh-Evans and John E. Evans III
Madeleine S. Shaddy-Farnsworth and Grant S. Cole
John N. Shaffer and Susan E. Shaffer
Patricia A. Shanahan and Knut Nordness
Eben D. Shapiro and Susan E. Atkins
Bradley A. Shaw and Susan A. Shaw
Jeremy S. Shaw and Susan M. Emsley
Jackson Shea and Toni C. Lima
Alexander A. Shepel and Sarah W. Farnsworth
Sanford T. Sherman and Alyson N. Velazquez
Lucile M. Sherwood and Daniel A. Sherwood
Jeremy A. Shibley and Romalia K. Stickney-Shibley
Barbara E. Shibley and Gilbert A. Shibley
George S. Shick and Margaret A. Shick
Laura S. Shier and Rodney A. Maack
Michael C. Shiffer and Mary E. Shiffer
David C. Shipley and Christine H. Shipley
Mary K. Shoaff and Jeffrey L. Fellows
Stanley G. Shoemaker and Elizabeth S. Shoemaker
Phyllis M. Shore and Donald W. Shore
Loren E. Shrock and Betty J. Shrock
Sheila K. Shusterich and Fred L. Shusterich
Elisabeth A. Siebenmorgen and Johann Siebenmorgen
Caroline J. Simard and Jocelyn E. Cloutier
Ross R. Simmons and Wendy J. Simmons
Elizabeth M. Simmons and David Simmons
James T. Siscel and Andrea Siscel
Sylvia L. Sissel Ovregaard and James G. Ovregaard
Daniel K. Siu and Emma Siu
Mike C. Skrzynski and Nicole A. Miranda
Tanya Sloan and Brian M. Webb
Lynn L. Slusher and Montie B. Slusher
Richard P. Smiraglia and James B. Young
Dell Smith and Helen H. Smith
Susan D. Smith and Donald W. Hermanns
Bruce L. Smith and Nancy E. Smith
David A. W. Smith and Lindsay E. Rocks
Gary T. Smith and David H. Ligare
Jason K. Smith and Jennifer A. Smith
Sylvia L. Smith and Floyd T. Smith
Elizabeth P. Smith and Claude D. Smith
Jennifer A. Smith and Gregory A. La Violette
Susan Johns Smith and Peter Smith
Nicholas D. Smith and Huon Quach
Kirk S. Smith and Laura Smith
Franklin H. Smith and Sally S. Reynolds
Laura L. Smith-Clawson and Linn E. Clawson
Suzanne L. Smith Mangus and Rodney C. Mangus
Sidney R. Snyder, Jr. and Robin Snyder
Nancy W. Sorlie and John D. Sorlie
Judy S. Soto and Manuel F. Soto IV
George M. Soule and Maurice R. Horn
Sarah B. Southam and Peter J. Southam
David P. Spalding and Marianne M. Spalding
Karin G. Spears and Jeanette H. Wagner
Douglas K. Speedie, MD and Linda W. Speedie
Elaine G. Spencer and George W. Spencer
Helen H. Spencer-Snyder and Steven J. Snyder
Eileen M. Sperl and Joseph Glassman
Howard Spira and Hanan Amin-Salem
Theodore L. Spurling, Jr. and Jeri D. W. Spurling
Anne-Seymour St. John and W. Albert Ellis
James St. Pierre and Laurie St. Pierre
John R. Stadter and Maureen F. Stadter
The Jo Ann Staebler and Peter K. Kimmel
Barbara Stafford-Wilson and Steven S. Wilson
Jason A. Stanford and Sonia V. Van Meter
Elizabeth Stanhope and Keska Kemper
Susan G. Stanton and William E. Preston
Marilyn A. Staples-Sundt and Gregory H. Sundt
Captain Terry M. Stark and Joan F. Stark
Susan C. Stark and Jurgen K. Stark
Barbara Stavig-Doane and Bradley C. Doane
Frederick Steier and Jane Jorgenson
Randall W. Stender and Susanne K. Stender
Tamara S. Stephenson and Parks E. Stephenson III
Deanna M. Sterett and Jack L. Sterett
Deborah L. Stern and James A. Stern
Lenhardt S. Stevens and Susan Stevens
Andre J. Stewart and Renee M. Stewart
Romalia K. Stickney-Shibley and Jeremy A. Shibley
Krista K. Stiffler Hutchinson and Matthew J. Hutchinson
Samuel A. Stigler and Seema T. Stigler
Paul M. Stith and Barbara J. Stith
Michael C. Stocks and Sydney L. Stocks
Thomas D. Stocks and Katie Stocks
Michael D. Stodd and Irmingard E. Stodd
Ann M. Stolfa and David Stolfa
Sherron M. Stonecypher and John W. Friends, Jr.
Peter W. Stott and Julie Stott
Steven G. Strickler and Cindy Strickler
Ann C. Stuller and Sidney T. Stuller
David D. Stumpf, MD and Elizabeth A. Stumpf
Alvina A. Sue and Jay K. Sue
Theodora C. Sue and Fillmore Y. Sue
Lynda J. Sullivan and David E. Sullivan
Patricia A. Sullivan and Larry A. Sullivan
Timothy R. Surgenor and Charlotte G. Surgenor
Bruce R. Suttmeier and Kevin A. Komos
Paula A. Sutton and John M. Chapman
Jeffery C. Svihus and Jennifer A. Svihus
Stephen J. Swallow and Pamela Swallow
Brent C. Swanson and Anne K. Swanson
Gary R. Swanson and Nancy Swanson
Calvin E. Swartley and Hannelore M. Swartley
Eric A. Swehla and Janet E. Range
John C. Swingle and Eugenia S. Swingle
Rebecca N. Sylla and Thomas M. Sylla
Keith A. Tabacek and Halina T. Tabacek
Tandy A. Tabata and Dustin I. Tabata
Andrew L. Taber and Kimberly D. Taber
Jane E. Talbot and Kevin J. Williamson
David J. Tang and Cynthia M. Thornton-Tang
Daniel A. Tauber and Brenda Kienan
Whitney L. Tawney and Dan H. Fenn
David B. Taylor and Carol Samuels
Laura B. Taylor and Lawrence S. Nissenson
Howard A. Teasley, Jr. and Barbara Teasley
Edward J. Tejirian and Eleanor H. Tejirian
Linda B. Tesner and John Tesner
Anson B. Thacher and Anne F. Thacher
David L. Thayer and Judith Thayer
Kathryn M. Thibodeaux and Page W. Thibodeaux
Janet L. Thoma and William J. Thoma
Duane L. Thoma and Maryellen Thoma
James M. Thomas and Linda K. Thomas
Lee C. Thomas and Bryan Bick
Carolin J. Thompson and Frederick Thompson
David W. Thompson and Lori M. Farrell
Gary A. Thompson and Donna P. Thompson
George R. Thompson and Erin N. Heath
Henry R. Thompson and Teri Cottingham
Samuel V. Thompson and Anne M. C. Bunn
William D. Thorndike, Jr. and Angela Littlefield
Cynthia M. Thornton-Tang and David J. Tang
Janice K. Thrasher and Richard G. Thrasher
Thomas F. Tierney and Anne E. Dorrance
Carol A. Timm and Geoffrey D. Owen
Juan Carlos Toledano Redondo and Lauren Reggero-Toledano
Neal J. Tollisen and Cecilia L. Tollisen
Londi M. Tomaro and Aaron K. Holmes
Carol J. Tomasini and Almo D. Tomasini
Janice M. Tooker and David L. Tooker
Frederick C. Tossberg and Alice N. Tossberg
Frederic D. Tower and Jo A. Tower
Frederick Towstik and Ellen Towstik
Jamie M. Traeger and William J. Traeger
Hoan T. Tran, MA and Alexander F. Lee
Marnie C. Troska and Chad Troska
James H. Trumbo and Karen Perkins
Brenda C. Tsang and Paul K. Tsang
Sharlene K. Tsuda and Tyler Tsuda
David C. Tucker and Ellen D. Tucker
Lewis W. Turlington and Ellen R. Turlington
Richard S. Turner and Heather Turner
Catherine R. Turner and Mark A. Turner
James Tursi and Jeannette M. Tursi
Ruth M. Tyler and Joseph E. Tyler
Donald R. Udlock and Vicki G. Udlock
David Y. Ueunten and Lei A. Ueunten 
Carrie E. Uffindell and Erik S. Benton
Daniel W. Umansky and Gail E. Burkett
Theodore S. Urban and Lida B. Urban
Beth G. Valente and S V Valente Jr.
Laurie E. Van Cott and David M. Van Cott
Peter T. Van Der Vlugt and Virgin Van Der Vlugt
Paula J. Van Enkevort and John D. Roberts
Anthony H. Van Nice and Lindsay S. T. Van Nice
Eric J. Van Patten and Nonnie Capurro
Carl B. Vance and Mariette Martin
Charles A. VanDemarr and Heidemarie I. VanDemarr
Paul N. Vanderwal and Kelly L. Vanderwal
R. Allan Vawter and Virginia L. Vawter
Mary Frances Vemer and Randall W. Vemer
Jeannie C. Verderame and Frank D. Verderame, Jr.
Rodger L. Verdieck and Sharon L. Verdieck
Christine Vernier and David L. Vernier
Darryl S. Vhugen and Jann Vhugen
Deborah S. Vick and Al Mahmoud
Suzanne D. Vinson and Stan W. Vinson
Ruth H. Vitale and Gianfranco Vitale
Elizabeth P. Vitiello and Janelle Ruley
Jeremy R. Vlach and Amy Lovis
Athanasio Vlahoulis and Shannon Vlahoulis
William P. Vogel and Donna R. Vogel
Ann Vogel and Keith A. Palmer
Neil B. Vollen and Wendy K. Vollen
Susan Vrilakas and Bradley Vrilakas
Lee S. Wagner and Karen S. Wagner
Michael E. Wagner and Kathleen Wagner
William J. Waite and Mary H. Waite
James R. Waldo, Jr. and Susan E. Waldo
Jay T. Waldron and Karen E. Waldron
Thomas A. Walker and Marvel J. Walker
Jerry D. Walker and Erica J. Walker
Marjorie M. Walker and Stanley H. Walker
Frank H. Wall and Sandra W. Wall
Donald B. Wallace and Heidi M. Wallace
Luther J. D. Wallace III and Elizabeth A. Frick
Gary T. Wallmark and Linda E. Wallmark
Richard J. Walsh and Bridget B. Walsh
Richard B. Walsh and Catherine A. Walsh
Dennis M. Walter and M. Stephanie Walter
Josh Walter and Marisa Walter
Dona L. Walters and Theodore A. Walters
Philip R. Wandschneider and Mary R. Wandschneider
Eugene Wang and Leslie Wang
Xiaoping P. Wang and Jennifer Wang
Gail Wanner Swinson and John T. Swinson
Kirk E. Ward and Dorothy L. Ward
James L. Warnock and June Warnock
David L. Warren and Ellen L. Warren
Benjamin W. Waterhouse and Deanna R. Oothoudt
Kevin M. Wasbauer and Erika Takada
Elinor M. Watts and John J. Watts
Kai N. Watts and Mary C. Bodine-Watts
Brian M. Webb and Tanya Sloan
Myrna L. Webb and Stephen M. Webb
David H. Webster and Margaret E. Steen
Anne Webster Hayden and Walter W. Hayden
Sarah E. Wedemeyer and Michael Hansmire
Mary Ann Weekes Reith and Art Reith
Harold J. Weight and Carol Hopkins Weight
Jeffrey T. Weikert and Katherine A. Weikert
Lee S. Weinstein and Melinda G. Weinstein
Jennifer Welsh and Robert D. Sturr
Paige E. Wescott and Gary J. Wescott
Barlow M. Westcott II and Nancy Westcott
Richard W. Wheatley, Jr. and Margaret Wheatley
Bracken J. White and Polly R. White
Brian D. White and Shoko Y. White
Karen A. White and William E. White
Michael B. Whiteford and Patricia C. Whiteford
Joseph P. Whitford and Donna Whitford
Charles M. Whitley and Amy R. Whitley
Diana M. Wiener Rosengard and David B. Rosengard
Amelia J. Wilcox and James M. Mol
Leigh H. Wilcox and Sharon L. Wilcox
Samuel L. Wilcox and Erin E. Anderson
Louis R. Wildman and Olga Wildman
Bradley E. Wilkin and Debra T. Wilkin
Marian J. Wilkin and Robert A. Wilkin
Larry D. Wilkins and Sandra J. Wilkins
Selona J. Willett and Jeremy Willett
Charles E. Williams
David B. Williams and Genevieve W. Williams
Beatriz R. Williams and Jon D. Williams
Priscilla W. Williams and Christopher P. Williams
Deborah K. Williams and Jack Williams
Leslie A. Williams and Dusty Williams
Paul R. Willison and Barbara Gaw
Kevin M. Wilson and Nancy M. Wilson
Mark G. Wilson and Deborah C. Dalzell
Dane K. Wingerson and Barbara L. Wingerson
William M. Winton and Leslie Winton
Elizabeth A. Winzeler and Roy M. Williams
John L. Wobig and Connie R. Wobig
Dee J. Wolfe and Lynn O. O’Brien-Wolfe
Russell F. Wolpert and Sofia N. Wolpert
Christopher P. Wood and Dana R. Wood
Wende J. Wood, MD and Eric Swanson
Richard C. Woodard and Christine Woodard
Jennifer L. Woodhouse and Johnathon B. Sauer
Wendy Woodrich and Phillip B. Thurber
Matthew M. Woodward and Monique M. Elwell
Laura A. Worden and Mark Worden
Linda Workman-Morelli and Michael Workman-Morelli
Wendy K. Wright and Edward W. Hessel
Eric R. Wright and Tony M. Bayles
Wendy Wurlitzer and Bruce K. Evans
Hans C. Wurster and Mary Jane Wurster
Carrie J. Wynkoop and Kari P. Chisholm
Kerry Tolleth Wynn and Robert Wynn
Susan W. Wynne and Robert D. Wynne
Stewart D. Yaguda and Julie A. Strawitz-Yaguda
Craig Yamasaki and Jerri Yamasaki
Robert H. Yanofsky and Deborah P. Yanofsky
Dennis A. Yarak and Margaret L. Becker
Thomas A. Yedinak and Karen L. Kemper
Francis C. Yeh and Sheila W. Yeh
Miriam R. Yoshida and Makoto Yoshida
William A. Yost and Stacy K. Corbett-Yost
Jon M. Young and Connie J. Dickerson
Robert A. Young, Jr. and Elizabeth S. Lindgren-Young
Cory G. Youngberg and Robin B. Youngberg
Tammy J. Zambo and Nancy Nienhuis
Rollin W. Zawistowski and Mary L. McCubbin
James G. Zazzera and Sharlene Y. Zazzera
Paul S. Zorner
David M. Zuckerman and Jenny B. Zuckerman