Board of Alumni Committees

Administration: Peter Dempsey ’01, Chair
This committee oversees new board member nominations and selection process; board leadership selection; maintains fair elections; maintains and proposes revisions to bylaws as needed.

Alumni Recognition and Outreach: Catherine Gibson ’85, Chair
This committee is responsible for overseeing the honors nomination and selection process; providing a slate of honors award candidates to the Board; and supporting the planning of the Honors Banquet. This committee also develops new ideas to connect alumni and supports initiatives to create meaningful connections among alumni in various geographic regions, within class years, and affinity groups, including (but not limited to) Black and Orange Parties, Alumni Weekend and class reunions, Homecoming, regional programs, and Portland events.

Equity and Inclusion: Mary Bodine ’09 L’13, Chair
This committee supports L&C’s diversity initiatives, develops programs to connect alumni and students of color, and liaisons with the Alumni of Color committee.

Student Alumni Connections and Development: Richard Sames ’12,Chair
This committee is responsible for selecting Alumni Leadership Scholarship recipients each year; creating opportunities for the Board to meet the students; working with the students to support the work they are doing; setting up mentoring relationships with the students; working with the career office to support the career needs of current students, including networking, mentoring, mock interviews, etc.; working with the new director to expand career support to alumni; working with staff to support Careers for Pioneers; working with career office and Center for Entrepreneurship as needed.