Board of Alumni Members

Mary Bodine-Watts

Class of 2009, JD ’13
Happy Valley, Oregon
Chair, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Katie Byrnes

Class of 1979
Portland, Oregon

Jennifer Cox Cyphers

Class of 1998
Denver, Colorado

Peter Dempsey

Class of 2001
Blacksburg, Virginia
Chair, Administration Committee

Aaron Forbort

Class of 2002
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Edgard Antonio García Ramirez

Class of 1992
Lake Oswego, Oregon

Catherine Gibson

Class of 1985
Lebanon, New Jersey
Chair, Alumni Recognition and Outreach Committee

Marisol Jenkins

Class of 2015
Oakland, California

Erik Jensen

Class of 1981
Portland, Oregon

Hongda Jiang

Class of 2008
Beaverton, Oregon

Jenny MacNichol

Class of 1978
Portland, Oregon

Jessica Mullins

Class of 2010
Portland, Oregon

Chris Ohman

Class of 1977
Berkeley, California
President, Board of Alumni

Aron Phillips

Class of 2007
Brooklyn, New York

Anthony J. Ruiz

Class of 2013
Henderson, Nevada

Richard Sames

Class of 2012
Laredo, Texas
Chair, Alumni Connections & Development Committee

Jackson Shea

Class of 1989
Portland, Oregon

Simran Singh

Class of 2008
Hyattsville, Maryland

Stacy Thompson

Class of 1979
Oakland, California

Jenna Timmerman ’22

Student Alumni Association President

David Todd

Class of 1968
Fairview, Oregon
Chair, Albany Society Board of Directors

Marnie Troska

Class of 1998
Boise, Idaho