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Application Status

When the Admissions office receives your Common Application, we will send you an email indicating that your file has been established in our office and computer database.  This email will also contain a Lewis & Clark ID number.  We will then send a separate second email to you, which will contain your PIN.  Both your L&C User ID and PIN are needed to check your file status online. 

For online applicants, the Lewis & Clark ID number is different than your login information for the Common Application website. 

Note: There is a lowercase “LC” and a zero at the beginning of your ID number, i.e. lc01234567.  It is a lowercase “L” and not the numeral “one.”

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You can only check your file status online if you have submitted the Common Application and have received our emails with your ID number and PIN.  If you submitted your application at least two weeks ago and have not yet received your user ID or PIN, please call us at 800-444-4111.  (Students applying from outside the U.S. should call 503-768-7305.)  If you applied within the past two weeks, please allow up to two weeks for us to process your application and send the emails.

If you applied more than two weeks ago, but have misplaced your Lewis & Clark ID number and PIN, you can find your user ID and reset your PIN online.  If you have difficulties retrieving your information, please call us at 800-444-4111. (Students applying from outside the U.S. should call 503-768-7305.)

Remember that it takes several days for credentials to make it through the United States postal system, through our campus mailroom, and the sorting process within the Admissions office before being entered into our computer system.  

Please allow two weeks between the date that the credential was mailed and the date you can expect it to appear in your online file.  This is especially true just after our November 1 and January 15 deadlines when our volume of mail is at its highest - we appreciate your patience!

**Don’t forget:  Regular Decision applicants must submit 7th semester grades as soon as they are available!