Bob Julier

As global director for business research, with experience in research and development and marketing organizations, Bob lead a team which provided business research and competitive intelligence services to Dow’s global businesses.

From Lakeview and Gold Beach, Oregon, Bob is a graduate of Lewis & Clark College, Class of ’66, BA in Chemistry, followed by graduate studies and teaching fellowship at the University of Arizona. He began his 33 year career providing research and development support to Dow businesses focusing on development of new products,  conducting basic research for which he received patents for emulsion polymers used in the paper coatings industry.

He has lead Product and Management teams in New Product Development, Business Research and Strategic Planning. With experience in R and D and Marketing functions, he lead a company-wide program, Planned Innovation ® designed to transition Dow from a products focused to a markets focused corporate culture. Bob was previously a member of The Conference Board Council for Competitive Analysis; the Product Development Management Association (PDMA); and the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP).

Currently, Bob consults in New Product Development through Robert M. Julier Associates.Bob resides in Midland, Michigan with his wife Jean, LC ’65. He is an avid fly fisherman and active member of Trout Unlimited.

Job Title

Global Director of Business Research,  The Dow Chemical Company,  Retired

Type of board member

Advisory Board member