Maddie Selby

The best part of my summer research experience is getting to collaborate with a faculty member I deeply respect while working extensively with historical materials outside of the setting of a classroom.

Maddie Selby BA '25



Degree and Class Year

BA ’25


Portland, Oregon




Religious Studies

What three words would you use to describe L&C?

Creative, Scenic, Silly

Humanities Summer Research, July 2023

What’s the name of research project?

Exploration, Discovery, Colonialism, and Piracy with Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr. Associate Professor of History David Campion.

Describe what you are researching this summer. What is your exact role?

I’m cataloging and researching items surrounding exploration, discovery, colonialism, and piracy in Special Collections in order to help create an exhibition for Watzek Library.

What’s the best part of this experience?

The best part of this experience is getting to work with Professor Campion—a faculty member I deeply respect—and getting to work extensively and hands on with historical materials outside of the setting of a classroom. I believe this experience will be very valuable to my goals surrounding my education in the future.

How were you supported in finding and securing this research opportunity?

Professor Campion reached out to me about this opportunity. I’ve taken several classes with him, including Historical Materials, so he’s really seen me grow as a history student.

How do you see this experience leading to a career in your chosen field and/or aiding in your career development after L&C?

I’m not really sure what my career will be after graduating, but I hope to continue my education in history and religious studies after earning my bachelor’s degree. I believe this summer research opportunity will give me greater insight into what career options may look like for me as a history student.