Janice Etzold

Janice Etzold

Gathering my thoughts to write my bio, it was easy to see the lessons of my time at LC forming a common thread throughout my life. Graduating in 1980 with a business degree gave me the tools and confidence (thank you Ken Pierce!) to run a small business for 32 years and inspired a lifelong interest in investing (thank you John Bates!). My business allowed me to form long term relationships with my clients and employees and is where the best lesson LC taught me was really applied : Investing in people will always pay the most substantial long term returns.

Through my business I was able to give people who had fallen on hard times useful employment and mentor many young people from stormy adolescence to successful adult.

After I retired in 2017 the LC lesson of being part of a global community has inspired quite a bit of travel - always with the emphasis of enjoying and understanding the people and place rather than checking a box of sights I have seen. I have continued and expanded my learning in investing and am delighted to use those fruits to support the college and invest in people through the Posse Scholarships and the Bates Center for Entrepreneurship.

Job Title

Small Business Owner (meaning CEO/most menial employee), Investor, small p- philanthropist

Type of board member

Advisory Board Member