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Volunteer for Your Reunion

Volunteers play a vital role in the success of their class reunion. Volunteers work on  varied tasks that entail differing time commitments and are spread out over the year. Each class will have a group of about ten people working on the reunion, so it’s a lot of fun! All of the projects can be done remotely and on your own schedule. Join in!

Reunion Volunteer Sign-Up

Please fill out the form below to be contacted by alumni staff.

We ask all volunteers to:

-make every effort to attend Alumni Weekend
-encourage classmates to attend - participate in outreach through emails, calls, or social media
-agree to be listed as a reunion volunteer in reunion communications and on the website

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Your class reunion needs your help! Upcoming reunions for the classes of 1958, 1963, 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003, 2008, and 2013 are looking for volunteers!

Many thanks to this year’s reunion volunteers:

1968: Dave Avison, Doug Crevenston, Susie Crevenston, Mary Devlin, Frank Dillow, Marilyn Lane, Doug Lee, Robert Rynerson, and David Todd. 

1973: Dave Albertine, Jerry Miller and Chris Ritter. 

1978: Robert Dill, Ethan Dunham, Kathy Gimre Wolfard, Al Jochim, Rod MacKenzie, Jack Osborn, Mark Pinder, Jim Robertson, Rick Roemer, Jerre Ann Stathatos Pappelis, and KT Whitehead.

1983: Leslie Atiyeh, Catherine Johnson-Ference, Grant Frey, Benedikt Höskuldsson, Norma Kop, Kate Lacey, Hjordis Magnusdottir, Mark Peterson, and Gillian Stratton.  

1988: John Aney, Mary Dakin, Sydney Dickerson, Jay Hernandez, Sarah Holtzclaw, and Teresa Pacelli. 

1993: Janette Clay, Tracy Garza, Holly Joseph, Felicia Lauritsen, Marcye Mokler, Ingri Quon, Marc Schotland, Nathan Trueblood, and Jennifer Zales. 

1998: Tanya Dumas, Justin Henderson, Jan Martin, and Marnie Troska. 

2003: Marjorie Bell, Jason Guchereau, Liz Larter, Sonia Marie Leikam, Theo Leikam, Brenda Michels, and Traci Sanders. 

2008:  Eric Atcheson, Whitney Bard, Hunter Franks, Anya Jarvis, Hongda Jiang, Amanda Phillips, Ann Valentine, and Victor Wu.

2013: Xander Blair, Lamar Curry, Madeleine Harper, Anthony Ruiz, Goldann Salazar, Tiffany Wang, and Kristina Williams.

If you have any questions, or are interested in volunteering for your class, please fill out our form below, or contact your staff reunion coordinators!

Help at Alumni Weekend! 

We want to include you in Alumni Weekend, even if this isn’t your reunion year! Volunteers are needed to help check in guests, help at events, work on the balloon crew and more. Photography skills are greatly needed. If you would like to volunteer at Alumni Weekend, we would love to host you to an event of your choice, for every three hours of volunteering, plus a training session.

To register to help with your class reunion, fill out the form below to be contacted by alumni staff.  

Be a part of Alumni Weekend! Be a part of the crew and get the insider’s view of Alumni Weekend!

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