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Volunteer for Your Reunion

Alumni Weekend 2015: June 25-28

To volunteer for your class or overseas/off-campus program reunion, please fill out the form below and one of the reunion staff coordinators will get in touch.

Many thanks to this year’s reunion volunteers:

Terry Faw, Donna Hazel, John Hickox, Jean Ewalt Julier, and Allen Neighorn, and Ray Redburn.

Rick Church, Nancy Novotny Dougherty, Don Ruff and Lynne Miller Schuepbach.

Susan Bennett Olson, Cathy Kirkland, Eric Olson, Janet Hall Schempf and Bart Wescott.

Ken Brown, Debbie Nichols Hudson, Amy Miller, Jeff Philpott, Mary Rebagliati, Chris Roberts, David Stenberg, Dave Trumble, and Angie Sullivan Trumble

Emily Nelson Decker, Sheila Gallagher, Catherine Gibson, Wendy Hall Ragusa, Carl Horton, Sarah Reynolds Marin, Laura Cooley McGeever, John Moshofsky, Robert Oakes and Dave Trotter.

Maile Fuller Bennett, David Craig, Jennifer Kerns-Robison, Amy Lerich-Masterson, Suzanne Mullen-Engbretson, Cindy Rehman and Michel van den Bosch.

Linda Estergard, Shoshana Gordon, Carly Henderson, Tanja Kaneshiro, Jason Lesner, Jennifer Rasmussen, Kristine Rinell Lewis, Chris Olson, Lisa Paoli Stratton, Erica Peterson Walker and Jill Peterson Zanger.

Rocky Campbell, Michelle Chao, Stephen LeBoutillier, Liz Fisher McDonald and Aaron Whiteford.

Brian Federico, Gina Mann and Kate Requardt.

Sam Balter, Evan Bender, Brad Elkins, Caitlin Harper, Hanako Conrad Imber, Stephanie Locke, Andrew Merriam, Claire Rogers Monteiro, Chris Scheffler, Sanne Stienstra and Simone Wren.

Meet the staff reunion coordinators.

Fill out the form below to be contacted by alumni staff. 


Reunion Volunteer Sign-Up

Please fill out the form below to be contacted by alumni staff.

We ask all volunteers to:

-make every effort to attend Alumni Weekend
-encourage classmates to attend - participate in outreach through emails, calls, or social media
-agree to be listed as a reunion volunteer in reunion communications and on the website

Please list your program destination and year here
Co-chairs take the lead on the working group and work closely with volunteers to ensure the success of all volunter projects