Overnight Hosts

The Admissions visit program is an important part of a prospective student’s college admissions process. In particular, an overnight stay is a great way for a student to get a “feel” for Lewis & Clark College. Overnight hosting is also an excellent opportunity for current students to begin involvement in Admissions. It does not require extensive experience with Admissions, just a welcoming attitude and a sincere desire to represent Lewis & Clark. First year students are encouraged to apply, but the application is also open to all! Check back in August 2021 for the application link (you must be signed into your @lclark.edu Google account).

Job responsibilities:
  • Attendance at a mandatory training meeting, held at the beginning of the semester and as needed throughout the semester. 
  • Familiarization with facts and procedures included in training materials.
  • Every Overnight Host is scheduled to host at least once a week, but must be available to host at least twice a week. As a host, you must be able to accommodate two prospective students each time you host.
  • Hosting requires availability to pick up student(s) at a designated time – usually 4:45 p.m. at the Manor House.
  • You must take the visiting student(s) to dinner (or arrange for a friend to do so) and allow the student(s) to sleep on your residence hall room floor. Each host is not expected to entertain his/her student(s) at all times but is expected to be hospitable and to give his/her guest(s) a chance to meet people and join campus activities.
  • Hosts are required to live in a residence hall available to first-year students. Applications will not be considered from students living in a single, Holmes, Hartzfeld or the apartments.

This is a volunteer position, however each host will be compensated with a Amazon gift card at the end of the semester.*

Selection is based on demonstrated interest, schedule availability, overnight host team balance, and verified academic good standing. Positions will be offered to individuals, rather than rooms. If two roommates are both offered a position, they will each be required to fulfill their hosting obligations separately.

Applications for Fall 2021 will be posted soon. A 15 minute interview will be required for all new ambassadors and ambassadors applying for new roles. 

If you have any questions, contact Senior Assistant Dean of Admissions Serena Frisina at serena@lclark.edu or the Admissions Fellows at fellows@lclark.edu.

*based on all requirements being met throughout semester