Tanner Lee

Sustainability at L&C is inclusive and promotes the well-being of the entire community.

Tanner Lee BA '27



Degree and Class Year

BA ’27


Taipei, Taiwan


World Languages (Chinese and Japanese) and International Affairs (double)


Community Accountability Council Member, Communications Manager at the Office of Sustainability, Peer Note-Taker for the Office of Student Accessibility, Leadership Intern for the Asian Student Union, Chinese Club Member, Japanese Club Member, KPH Radio Show Host, Reuse Room and Food Pantry Operation

Overseas study

Tokyo, spring 2025; Taipei, fall 2026

What three words would you use to describe L&C?

Accessible, Community-Oriented, Restorative

What’s your favorite class? Why?

Japanese 102 with Satomi Newsom. She is an amazing teacher that is knowledgeable about her subject and makes all the course material accessible for students that may have a more difficult time grasping it.

What do you like or find most interesting about your major?

I love how I have the special opportunity to learn multiple languages at the same time, as a world languages major. It brings me to make connections with people that I otherwise would not have the chance to interact with, and I feel like I grow as a person when exposed to their different global perspectives.

How would you describe sustainability at L&C?

As the Communications Manager at the Office of Sustainability here at L&C, I would say that the first word that comes to mind when I think of sustainability is accessible. Sustainability at L&C is inclusive and promotes the well-being of the entire community. The Reuse Room, for example, allows any student to take whatever clothes or school supplies they need that other students donate, extending the lifespan of these items and reducing the waste from students on campus.

What’s your involvement with any sustainability initiatives on campus? What’s the best part of your experience?

I often help in operating the Reuse Room on campus in Fowler Room 263, about three times a week. This helps students reuse items that they otherwise would have thrown away. As the Communications Manager, I also work a lot to promote the sustainability policies on campus. Recently, for example, I worked to outline new policies for event planning in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. The best part of this experience, I believe, is seeing how the effort I am putting in is actively helping the students at L&C.

What should incoming students know about sustainability at L&C?

Incoming students should all know there are a multitude of resources on campus for them, and that sustainability does not only benefit the environment, but their personal lives by returning to the community.

How does sustainability prepare students for life after L&C?

Sustainability will teach students important life skills and ingrain moral values that can benefit them in the long run. For example, students learning how to actively reuse, recycle, and reduce their waste will help them save on supply costs and sometimes even give them rebates on their purchases. It will also teach students that keeping the community clean and environmentally friendly will lead to the benefits returning to them. Students that give back to the community by donating old clothes, for example, will help build towards the next cycle of clothes for future citizens.

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