September 15, 2023

Meet Our New Faculty

From ceramics to glycomics, learn how Lewis & Clark’s new faculty developed an interest in their field—and why they are excited to join the L&C community. 

This month, Lewis & Clark is celebrating the faculty who have joined our community and continuing faculty who have taken on new roles:

  • Dr. Rajesh K. Reddy began his new role as assistant professor of Animal Law at the Center for Animal Law Studies.
  • Three new faculty members joined the graduate school community representing Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy; Student Affairs Administration; and Secondary Language Arts Teaching.
  • The College of Arts and Sciences welcomed 24 new faculty members: Bonnie Auguston, adjunct instructor of French; Rachel Brown, adjunct professor of mathematical science and computer science; Roland Dahwen, adjunct instructor of art; Alma Emadi, adjunct instructor of entrepreneurship; Andy Fry, assistant professor of mathematical science; Matt Fox, visiting professor of entrepreneurship; JP Gourdine, assistant professor of chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology; Jaleesa Johnston, adjunct instructor of entrepreneurship; Waylon Lenk, adjunct professor of theatre; Xiang Li, visiting professor of economics; Heidi Liere, assistant professor of biology; Ben Mann, visiting professor of rhetoric and media studies; Suhaila Meera, assistant professor of theatre; Tiffany Mills, visiting professor of theatre and director of dance (spring 2024); Anna Miromanova, assistant professor of economics; Jesse Niebaum, visiting professor of psychology; Jeremy Okai Davis, adjunct instructor of art; Ben Olsen, assistant professor of physics; Nicole Seisler, assistant professor of ceramics; Jeongsu Shin, postdoctoral teaching fellow of Korean studies; Vanessa Swenton, adjunct professor of environmental studies; Lauren Thompson, visiting instructor of psychology; and Keiko Ueda, visiting instructor of Japanese.

Get to know the new College of Arts & Sciences tenure-track faculty in the following Q&As:

Assistant Professor of Mathematical Science Andy Fry

Assistant Professor of Mathematical Science Andy Fry’s studies combinatorial aspects of algebraic geometry, moduli spaces, matroid theory, and general combinatorics.

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry Jean-Philippe (J.P.) Gourdine

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry Jean-Philippe (J.P.) Gourdine’s research in glycomics brings exciting opportunities for students, and allows strong connections to data science and health studies.

Assistant Professor of Biology Heidi Leire

Assistant Professor of Biology Heidi Liere’s research investigates the factors that affect biodiversity in human-managed systems and how, in turn, biodiversity helps sustain vital ecosystem services in those systems. She has done research in subsistence agriculture (Guatemala), coffee (Mexico), soybeans and corn (U.S. midwest), and urban agricultural systems (California and the Pacific Northwest).

Assistant Professor of Theatre Suhaila Meera

Suhaila Meera is an Assistant Professor of Theatre. In addition to her work as a director and dramaturg, Meera has researched statelessness and the performance of childhood, which examines theatrical and cinematic portraits of young people navigating borders in South Asia and the Middle East.

Assistant Professor of Economics Anna Miromanova

Assistant Professor of Economics Anna Miromanova’s research focuses on issues in international trade with emphasis on the effects of non-tariff trade barriers on aggregate and micro-level trade.

Assistant Professor of Physics Ben Olsen

Assistant Professor of Physics Ben Olsen’s research examines exotic quantum phases using gasses of ultracold atomic lithium in order to study their dynamical behavior.

Assistant Professor of Ceramics Nicole Steiser

Nicole Seisler, Assistant Professor of Ceramics, has exhibited widely and is the founder and director of the A-B Projects, a space for exhibitions and critical dialogue that expand and redefine the field of ceramics.