Space Allocations & Access

Recognized student organizations have the ability to request space allocations on campus; however, due to the limited nature of spaces on campus, not every recognized student organization will be able to have an exclusive space for use.

Due to the pandemic, the College is operating under the interim COVID-19 Event Management Policy. As a result, the traditional space allocations process will not occur for the Fall semester of 2020-2021 Academic Year as planned. Information regarding any potential space allocations for the Spring semester will be determined later in the Fall.

Student organizations will be expected to hold meetings and events virtually unless an exception has been granted for “mission critical” purposes. Please refer to the above mentioned policy for details on what is determined to be a “mission critical” event.

If your student organization previously held a physical space, you may continue to use this space for the storing of your organization’s belongings. If you need to access your student organization’s physical space at any time, you will need to fill out this form, Access to Student Organization Space, at least 48 hours before your requested time. Access must be during regular business office hours, Monday through Friday. Please note that completion of this form is not a guaranteed approval of your access; you will need to wait for a confirmation from the Office of Student Engagement first.

Student organizations that need to request regular access to spaces for use will need to submit a formal application to the Office of Student Engagement that will ultimately be vetted by the Vice President of Student Life for approval. The application must be submitted at least 10 (TEN) days prior to the first requested date of access.

You will be asked to answer the following questions in the above application.

  • Student Organization Name and Email Address

  • Student Contact Name and Email Address

  • Student Organization Space Location

  • Reason for Request

  • Specific Dates and Times for Access

  • Method for determining who will be in allowed in the space

  • Method for tracking the total number of people in space and their individual contact information

  • Description of how you will provide required social distance amongst the individuals

  • Will you need to request an additional space reservation?