Student Life Division Posting Policy

Statement of Purpose

These publicity procedures are designed to promote compliance with established fire codes, to reduce visual clutter on campus, to reduce paper waste, and to cut overall costs of event promotion for groups and organizations. They are also intended to prevent damage to surfaces and prevent costly cleanup and repairs. These procedures apply to all publicity (flyers, banners, posters, leaflets, etc) posted in the Student Center, Pamplin Sports Center, Zehntbauer Swimming Pavilion, and the residence halls.

These procedures operationalize the institutional Freedom of Expression & Academic Inquiry Policy.

*Student organizations and departments/offices not in the Division of Student Life should request posting approval from the Office of Student Engagement. Postings will not be eligible for review unless sponsored by a Lewis & Clark department, office or student organization.

Requirements for Print Publicity

Print publicity must contain the following information:

  1. Name of Lewis & Clark sponsor which can be a department, office, or recognized student organization. All others (i.e. area businesses, classified ads, etc.) interested in posting in the Student Center must have an L&C sponsor. Contact the Office of Student Engagement at to inquire about sponsorship.

  2. The date of the event being promoted.

  3. The contact information for the posting’s sponsor.

  4. Postings will be tabloid size (11” x 17”) or smaller. Exceptions to the posting size requirement may be given at the discretion of the Office of Student Engagement.

  5. If approved, Student Engagement will provide a stamp of approval directly onto the poster.

Publicity containing obscene language or promoting conduct prohibited by the Student Code of Conduct will not be approved. The Office of Student Engagement reserves the right to discuss concerns with the sponsor prior to approval. Posters that are displayed without an approved stamp will be immediately removed.

Questions about any of the information above should be directed toward Tamara Ko, the Director of Student Engagement, or the Vice President of Student Life’s Office