Fowler Advisory Board

The Board represents the campus community in advising the Office of Student Engagement on Fowler Student Center long-term operations. The Board serves to offer recommendations to the Office of Student Engagement and is not a governing (decision-making) board.

The Board shall review, advise, and provide support on:

  • The evaluation of programs, services, and facilities as needed based on Board priorities
  • The allocation of designated space to student departments, organizations, publications, and services
  • The use of dedicated student lounge space
  • Fowler Student Center departmental procedures that affect the use of the Student Center by the College community
  • Other actions that are deemed necessary to fulfill the role of a responsible Board

Advisory Board Diversity Statement

Diversity, equity and inclusion are at the center of operations of the Fowler Student Advisory Board, a non-governing board tasked with providing recommendations for operations in the Fowler Student Center building. The Board recognizes the value of all campus community members and that all respectful and inclusive voices matter. The Board’s mission is to provide a space for campus community members to be seen and heard when decisions are taking place that affect their overall experience at Lewis & Clark College.


Associate Vice President of Student Engagement & Experiential Learning
Director of Student Engagement & Special Events
Associated Student Body (ASB) Representative (1) - to be appointed by ASB President
Campus Activities Board (CAB/ASB) Representative
Student Engagement Graduate Assistant (ex officio and non-voting)
Student Engagement Representative
Student at Large Representatives (2-3)
Residential Student Representatives (maximum of 5) - to be appointed by Campus Living
Facilities Service Representative (ex officio and non-voting)

Interested in getting involved? Apply to be a student representative on the Fowler Advisory Board!

By completing this form and submitting it, I understand that:

  • Upon appointment, I must be an actively enrolled student at Lewis & Clark College.

  • All of the information contained in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

  • My application materials may be reviewed by the current Fowler Student Center Advisory Board.

  • I understand that I am expected to attend the Board monthly meetings and special meetings when applicable.

  • I understand that if I have two consecutive unexcused absences OR three excused absences in a three month period, that I will be placed on suspension from the Board.

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