Israel 1969 Program Reunion

It’s time to get together and catch up, remember all the stories from our trip  and beyond, and have fun together.

Israel Program Reunion

Sunday, June 26, 1 p.m. - Falafel Party!
Manor House porch (rain backup - lounge inside the Manor House)

We will gather during Reunion Weekend 2011, featuring many Alumni College classes with faculty and faculty emeriti, a traditional Salmon Bake and BBQ, and other fun events. And, of course, there will be a celebration in honor of the Class of 1971’s 40th Reunion!

There is a $12 registration fee per person. For each registrant we will get $25 from Lewis & Clark to put toward our event (that’s $35, total) to use towards the falafel party. Please be sure to get your registrations in.

Looking forward to seeing you in June!

Lois Stillmaker Lane ”˜71 and Barrie Lane ”˜73

Program Roster

Ray Arndt - need contact information
Beth Bollinger - need contact information
Beth Case ”˜72
Robin Dole ”˜71
Robert Farrell - need contact information
Jill Sweningsen Hardy ”˜71
Robert Hodges ”˜71
Bonnie Hopkins - need contact information
Dr. Morton Jacobs - program leader
Jennifer Johnson - need contact information
Ronald Kincaid ”˜72
Doug Kunsman ”˜70
Anne Laird ”˜69
Barrie Lane ”˜73
Lois Stillmaker Lane ”˜71
Nancy Karinen Magnus ”˜71
Alice Kay Whitman Martin ”˜70
David Novak - need contact information
Catherine Ramsey Quackenbush ”˜71
Anne Reif ”˜72
Randall Rice ”˜72
Mary Lindahl Ruhl ”˜72
Thomas Ruhl ”˜71
Julie Bergman Sandygren ”˜72
Larry Whitson ”˜74

Please register using the Reunion Weekend registration page.

Have questions or want to send in a contact information update? Email

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