Class Notes FAQ

How do I submit a class note?

Did you travel to an exotic location? Get married? Or, just want to send greetings to classmates? Submit a class note. Notes are published in the Chronicle three times a year.

Please review the examples below and be sure to include all relevant information. 

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Where are class notes published?

Class notes are published in the fall, and spring editions of the Chronicle

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, email us at

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What should I include?

To help you determine what information to include in your note, check the samples and lists below. Announcements of engagements and pregnancies cannot be included in the Chronicle; however, we will gladly announce marriages and births.

* Spouse’s first and last name.
* Spouse’s class year, if applicable.
* Month, day, and year of marriage.
* Alumni who attended (optional).

Laura Elly Hudson ’98 and Keith Hudson, September 13, 2003. Tanya King ’98 was maid of honor, and Bonnie Watson ’98, Ian Rea ’99, Eric Johnson ’98, Erin Renfroe ’98, and Diana Linderoth ’97 attended.

Samuel “Sam” Kuhn ’97 and Danielle Dion ’98, June 22, 2002.

* Spouse’s first and last name.
* Spouse’s class year, if applicable.
* Child’s first and middle name.
* Month, day, and year of birth.
* Sibling(s) name(s) and age(s).

To Anita Dalmar ’82 and her husband, Chuck Lowther, son Hugo Dalmar, January 16, 2002. Hugo joins sister Sarah Jane, 8.

To Stephen “Boot” LeBoutillier ’00 and his wife, Jennifer “JP” Post LeBoutillier ’96, son Harrison Herman LeBoutillier, August 15, 2005.

General Announcement
Mark Dorsey ’83 has been promoted to assistant executive director and chief operating officer of the Professional Ski Instructors of America, American Associate of Snowboard Instructors, and National Ski Patrol.

* Full name of school.
* Degree and field of study.
* Month and year degree conferred.

Elizabeth “Liz” duToit ’90 has completed her M.BA in international management at Thunderbird, the American Graduate School of International Management.

In Memoriam
* Full name and class year of deceased.
* Month, day, and year of death.
* Please supply an obituary, if available.

Gloria Jeanne “Judy” Gerlach Uppinghouse ’48, September 10, 2004, age 79. Uppinghouse was born in Chicago and raised in Portland. After graduating from Lewis & Clark, she worked in the College registrar’s office, as secretary for then-president John R. Howard, and as alumni director for the College of Arts and Sciences. She was later an administrator at Marylhurst University. In 1954 she married John; he died in 1985. She is survived by her daughters, M. Susan, Leslie, and Rebekah, and two grandchildren.