College Outdoors Roundtable

The Roundtable is a student-run steering committee that aids in the decision-making process for various aspects of the College Outdoors program. The students work on various issues such as budgeting, assigning assistant leaders/student coordinators to trips, adapting and editing policy, and creating and running programs that further influence the program’s contributions to the Lewis & Clark community. The Roundtable provides an outlet fro staff, trip leaders, assistant leaders, student coordinators, and participants to voice their opinions about the current state of the program and what they would like to do to enrich it. 

The College Outdoors program encourages the personal and social development of college students, and other members of the Lewis & Clark community, through intensive involvement in wilderness trips where social carriers are minimized, cooperative responsibility emphasized, and there is opportunity fro solitude and positive social experiences among a group of peers. 

College Outdoors develops students’ outdoor skills through experiential education, cultivates lifelong leaders, supports diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoors, and promotes a healthy Lewis & Clark community. 


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