2014-2015 Artemis team with coaches Sara and Beth.

Artemis Women’s Ultimate Frisbee

Our organization is the women’s ultimate frisbee club sports team of Lewis & Clark college. We engage in practices twice a week, 3-6 weekend-long tournaments each semester (generally outside of Portland), as well as regular team bonding events outside of practices and tournaments, all while working closely with the our counterpart, Bacchus (the men’s ultimate frisbee team). We aim to build a team that is dedicated to not only the sport of ultimate frisbee itself, but also to each other as fellow team members and friends. We aim to create an environment where everyone feels welcome to play the sport regardless of previous experience or athletic ability, all while promoting and encouraging both individual and team-wide improvement within the sport. All in all, our purpose is frisbee and friendship existing together in one happy and healthy atmosphere. 


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