Pioneer Support Network

The Palatine Support Network, formerly Pio Support Network, aims to provide students with a peer-led, free, mental health resource in the form of a space for conversation and connection at LC. We hold weekly meetings in our office, in the Fowler Student Center, where students come to talk about school, work, mental health, friendships, and anything else that they want to share. Groups are facilitated by students who guide open-ended conversations and are knowledgeable about on-campus resources. Facilitators receive training from a mental health professional who works in collaboration with PSN, providing guidance about facilitation skills. We also host several events each semester focused on nurturing well-being and community connection that all students can attend! Past events include Goats on the Glade, succulent potting with the garden club, craft nights, and more. This empathetic support system is a great resource for students who are new to campus, are struggling with their mental health, or simply want to be in a space that is designated for sharing and connecting with their peers.