Hongda Jiang

Hongda Jiang

Class of 2008
Beaverton, Oregon

Hongda was born in Beijing & grew up in Reno NV. He joined LC in fall 2005, upon completing his US Army enlistment as a logistics specialist in Fort Bliss TX.

At LC, Hongda double majored in International Affairs & Foreign Languages (primarily Russian). His academic area of interest was & remains Sino-Russian relations. He engaged in extracurricular activities such as Model UN, international student government (ISLC), & the Gaming Society. After graduating in spring 2008, Hongda worked as a business development manager for a boutique consulting firm in Moscow, & focused on helping multinational companies comply with Russia’s complex accounting & legal standards. In 2011, Hongda enrolled in the University of Michigan to complete his dual-degree in business & environmental science. Upon graduation in 2014, he came back to the greater Portland area to work for Intel. He currently does mergers & acquisitions finance at Intel Capital (Intel’s internal VC/M&A fund), with a focus on post-merger integrations & divestitures.

Besides his enduring love of international relations, Hongda is excited about exploring & realizing creative ideas to apply & monetize technology. His interest areas include 5G, ADAS, AI, gaming, smart cities, renewable energy, as well as the intersection between emerging technologies & geopolitics.

Fun fact: Hongda is an avid traveler when time permits, & has been to all three so-called “Axis of Evil” countries - Iraq (army deployment), Iran, & North Korea (vacations).