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Niels Marquardt ’75

February 06, 2017

  • Jeremy Plaisance

Niels Marquardt has been the CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia since 2013. This position builds on a U.S. State Department career spanning administrations from Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama and service as ambassador to four African nations and as consul general in Sydney. His career highlights include managing relations with Madagascar following its 2009 coup d’état, leading a robust anticorruption drive in Cameroon, steadying the Comoros after a brief civil war in 2008, advising Equatorial Guinea’s president on investing newfound hydrocarbons wealth in health and education, and protecting rare biodiversity everywhere he served.

His seven years in Sydney have focused on strengthening America’s role as Australia’s leading foreign economic partner. Niels also spent years rebuilding the Foreign Service in senior human resources positions, and working in our embassies in Bangkok, Brazzaville, Paris, and Bonn. He also was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Rwanda. Niels speaks German, Thai, French, passable Spanish, and a few African languages.