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Nerissa Koehn ‘95

February 01, 2003

At Lewis & Clark College, Nerissa Koehn received a bachelor’s degree in natural science.

Koehn was a founding member of the Pamplin Society of Fellows and a Barbara Hirshi Neely Scholar. Additionally, she was named one of Glamour magazine’s Top-Ten College Women. At Lewis & Clark, she served as a hospice volunteer and, while participating in the Kenya overseas study program, she studied traditional healers. Since graduating, Koehn has volunteered with the Office of Admissions and the Holiday Gala alumni choir.

At Harvard University, where she completed her M.D., Koehn was awarded the 1998 Pisacano Scholarship for outstanding medical students identified as future leaders in family medicine. While pursuing her medical degree, she taught health awareness to high school students in innercity Boston and also worked at a rural outpost in Guatemala.

Koehn is a physician with Tacoma Family Medicine.