Mellon Faculty Development Program

Lewis & Clark’s College of Arts & Sciences received a four-year grant of $800,000 from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support curricular and scholarly initiatives in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. The flexible faculty development program described in the proposal addresses the needs of mid-career faculty members by providing: (i) enhanced support for research and sabbatical leaves, (ii) funds for student-faculty research collaborations and visiting lecturer fellowships, and (iii) a seminar series to foster interdisciplinary teaching and research, and the implementation of team-taught courses.

Every year…

The Mellon Senior Fellowship Program provides funds to extend the sabbatical leave of one associate professor or professor in the humanities, creative arts, or humanistic social sciences to a year at full salary and grant a research stipend of $10,000.

The Collaborative Teaching Program provides course replacement funds to make possible the implementation of up to two team-taught courses per year.

Faculty Development Seminar Series provides funds for one faculty member group (usually of six individuals) in the humanities, creative arts, or the humanistic social sciences to creatively study and work together on a common topic.

Faculty Development Research Stipends supplement annual research fund allotments for mid-career faculty in the humanities, creative arts, and humanistic social sciences.

Program Elements & Application Materials

2012-2013 Program Description & Deadlines

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Last revision: September 2011