Cap & Gown and College Memorabilia

Cap & Gown

Your cap and gown will be ordered by the college, you do not need to purchase it yourself. You will be able to enter your height and weight to ensure you receive a cap & gown that comfortably fits you.

There is no fee for your cap and gown. Keep your cap/gown and tassel as a memento of your graduation day. To order other memorabilia, go online to the Jostens web page or order by phone at +1 (800) 854-7464.

The cap and gown belong to you. Your graduation gown is made from natural wood sourced exclusively from renewable, managed forests. The fabric is proven to completely decompose in soil within less than a year. The Eco-Zip coil zipper tab and teeth are made from 100% recycled PET. Jostens will donate $1 for each Lewis & Clark gown to an environmental sustainability project. For further information, consult the Jostens web site below. Please do not return your cap/gown.

Please contact Jostens directly if you have any questions about your purchase of any memorabilia (e.g., programs, class rings, etc.).

Overseas and Off-Campus Program Ribbons

The Overseas & Off-Campus Programs Department will be conducting its annual recognition of students who have participated on one of Lewis & Clark’s programs with its traditional country-specific ribbons that are worn at graduation.  A list of those who will be given ribbons is posted at the Overseas & Off-Campus Programs Office.   

It is your responsibility to visit the Overseas and Off-Campus Programs Office to check for your name and the accuracy of the programs that you participated on through Lewis & Clark.  If they have inadvertently missed your name or have you down for the wrong country or countries, please direct your questions to them. Please note that the department only makes ribbons for students who participated on Lewis & Clark Programs. If you participated on a non-LC program and you want to wear a ribbon for graduation, it is your responsibility to purchase the materials needed for the ribbon and to make it.