Frequently Asked Questions

This page will be updated as we have more information. All information is subject to change. Continue to check this page as information will be updated regularly.

When and where will commencement take place?

Commencement 2022 will take place on May 7, 2022 at Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

What can I wear to the ceremony?

We recommend wearing whatever makes you comfortable! Typically, graduates wear business casual or business professional attire, along with their traditional gown and Lewis & Clark regalia. Please wear shoes and don’t forget to bring a mask! Clothing is not optional.

How do I apply to graduate?

Before applying for graduation, please be sure to review your Program Evaluation on Webadvisor to make sure you know exactly which requirements still need to be completed. You can access your Program Evaluation by logging into Webadvisor and selecting the Program Evaluation link under your Academic Profile. Once you confirm that you have completed all of your requirements, you can apply for graduation in Webadvisor, also located under your Academic Profile.

More information about applying to graduate can be found here.

Am I eligible to graduate?

To check to see if you are eligible to graduate, please check your Program Evaluation on Webadvisor under your Academic Profile. You can also confirm your eligibility status with the Registrar.

When is the last day to apply for graduation?

The last day to apply for spring 2022 graduation is October 15, 2021.

How do I know if I’m graduating with Latin honors?

Latin honors are awarded to students with high overall GPAs. Cum laude graduates earn a GPA of 3.7 to 3.799, magna cum laude graduates, 3.8 to 3.899 and summa cum laude graduates, 3.9 to 4.0.

You should receive an email before commencement that you have received honors. Latin honors cords will be included with your cap & gown pickup.

How do I know if I’m graduating with departmental honors?

To be eligible to graduate with honors, you must have a minimum GPA of 3.500 or higher and successful completion of your department’s additional requirements, which may include a senior project in your major. For more details, visit your department’s webpage, individual departments may require a higher minimum GPA and/or a minimum overall GPA.

You should receive an email from your department chair notifying you of your honors. Students who receive departmental honors will receive gold tassels which will be dispersed by their department. 

Am I eligible to participate in the Commencement ceremony?

The registrar’s office provides the commencement committee with a list of seniors who are eligible to participate in commencement. Please reach out to the registrar’s office if you are unsure if you are able to participate.

How and when do I get my diploma?

Diplomas for May graduates will be mailed out after final grades are posted and student accounts are cleared. If you would like to pick up your diploma, please notify the registrar’s office. Otherwise, your diploma will be mailed to the address you provided on your degree application. For more information, click here.

How do I order my cap & gown?

Your cap and gown are ordered by the commencement committee, no need to worry about ordering or paying for your cap & gown.

When can I pick up my cap & gown?

Cap & gown pickup is currently scheduled for April 25th & 26th, 2022 from 10 am - 4 pm in Smith Hall. Further instructions will be sent out before the pickup dates.

Do I need to return my cap & gown?

No! Your cap and gown are yours to keep.

How many tickets is each student given?

Each student can receive a maximum of 8 tickets.

Can students receive extra tickets?

If you would like to request extra tickets, there will be a google form sent out by the commencement committee sometime during the Spring 2022 semester to request extra tickets. We recommend reaching out to friends to exchange extra tickets first. 

How/When will I receive my tickets?

Tickets will be emailed to graduating seniors the week of commencement. Tickets will be electronic and will have a QR code that will be scanned to enter the venue. They can be printed or shown on your mobile device. 

What should I bring to commencement? 

Per the policy of the commencement venue, no guest is allowed to bring a bag or purse. This policy will be strictly enforced by the venue. If you bring a purse or bag, you will be turned away. The only exceptions are baby/diaper bags and medical bags which will be permitted after being searched and passed through an X-Ray machine. Please also make sure to bring a mask as they will be required.

Graduates, don’t forget to bring your cap, gown, and L&C regalia!

What are acceptable COVID tests for the ceremony?

Any negative COVID test will be accepted, including PCR, rapid, and at-home tests.

What masks are acceptable to wear during the ceremony?

Any mask that covers your mouth and nose will be accepted.

If I am a staff member, do I need a ticket to enter the ceremony?

No! L&C faculty and staff do not need tickets to enter the ceremony. Simply show us your L&C ID and you will be able to enter the venue.

Who is the commencement speaker?

This year’s commencement speaker is Pulitzer Prize-winner Mitchell S. Jackson, a native of Portland, Oregon. You can read more about him here.

This year’s senior speaker is Shalini Hanstad BA ’22. Shalini is a Sociology/Anthropology (SOAN) major from Seattle. Read her full story here

Have more questions? Please keep in mind that we will be updating this page regularly and more questions will be posted as we have more information. If you have an urgent issue, please email
You can also contact the commencement coordinator, Tamara Ko, or the commencement graduate assistant, Jasmine Torres