College Policies

Below is a list of college policies, in alphabetical order, related to Student Conduct.  While this list is not comprehensive, it does feature some of the most common policies explored in Student Conduct matters.

  1. Academic Integrity Policy
  2. Access to Higher Education Policy
  3. Alcohol Policy
  4. Animal Control Policy
  5. Authorized and Unauthorized Use of Telephones Policy
  6. Business Operations Policy
  7. Classroom Disruption Policy
  8. Confidentiality of Records Policy - FERPA
  9. Contracting Policy
  10. Copyrighted Material Policy, Use of
  11. Directives Policy
  12. Discrimination, Harassment, and Hate- or Bias-Motivated Conduct Policy
  13. Disorderly Conduct Policy
  14. Drugs Policy
  15. Election Tampering Policy
  16. Emergency Equipment and Procedures Policy
  17. False Information Policy
  18. Fire Safety Policy
  19. Forgery and Falsification of Records Policy
  20. Fraud Policy
  21. Freedom of Expression and Academic Inquiry Policy
    1. Student Life Publicity Procedures
  22. Governance Policy, Participation in
  23. Graffiti Policy
  24. Hazing Policy
  25. Identification Cards Policy
  26. Interference with College Investigations or Conduct Process Policy
  27. Keys Policy
  28. Laws and Regulations Policy
  29. Littering Policy
  30. Medical Amnesty Policy
  31. Noise Policy
  32. Non-Solicitation Policy
  33. Parental & Guardian Notification Policy
  34. Physical or Mental Harm Policy
  35. Property Damage Policy 
  36. Recreational Activities Policy
  37. Recording Policy
  38. Reimbursable Expense Policy for Student Organizations
  39. Religious Holiday Observance and Student Absence Policy
  40. Responsible Use of Technology Resources Policy
  41. School Closure Policy
  42. Search and Seizure Policy
  43. Service and Assistance Animal Policy
  44. Sexual Misconduct Policy
  45. Smoke and Tobacco Free Community Policy 
  46. Student Involuntary Leave of Absence Policy
  47. Theft Policy
  48. Traffic Obstruction Policy
  49. Unauthorized Entry Policy
  50. Weapons on Campus Policy
  51. Violent, Abusive, or Threatening Conduct Policy
  52. Visiting Privileges Policy