Information for Involved Students

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities defines ‘Involved Students’ as any student who is mentioned in an information report. There is a difference, however, between students who the Office believes may have been involved in some kind of misconduct and those who the Office believes may have been just witnesses.

Involved Students

In an informal resolution pathway, students who were present for a situation of concern may be contacted to speak with someone about the situation, to discuss the nature of their involvement, and to seek resolution.


Students against whom a formal complaint has been filed, or who are participating in a formal adjudication process are defined as ‘respondents’ because when they meet with a Conduct Authority they are responding to allegations of potential misconduct. If you are a Respondent in a formal adjudication, we encourage you to review the Code of Conduct and the materials available on our website to ensure you understand the process.


Witnesses may have information about events described in an information report, and may become involved for this reason. The College, the Respondent, and Complainant when one is present, are allowed to request that a witness participate in a formal board hearing. If you are called for a hearing, your participation in the hearing is optional.


If a student feels like another student violated the Code of Conduct, in a way that directly affects either them or the community, they can bring a formal complaint. If you want to make a complaint, please contact the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities or talk to your Area Director.