Classroom Disruption Policy

Disruptive class behavior is behavior that, in the judgment of the instructor, impedes other students’ opportunity to learn and which directly and significantly interferes with class objectives. Should such behavior occur, the instructor will request that the student leave class and will refer the matter to the Director of Academic Advising and the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Permission to return to class will be granted only after the student meets with the Director of Academic Advising and signs a contract agreeing to appropriate ameliorative action. If the disruptive behavior continues, the instructor may direct the Registrar to drop the student from the course. Students wishing to appeal an administrative drop for class disruption may do so by petition to the Petitions Committee. In such cases, students will continue to be barred from class until the committee renders its decision.

Instructors are encouraged to refer to this policy in syllabi and to establish clear classroom behavior expectations. This policy may not be used to inhibit legitimate classroom dissent or discussion with the course instructor or other students.