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Student Rights and Responsibilities

SRR Staff

Charlie Ahlquist

Assistant Dean Charlie Ahlquist Assistant Dean

 Charlie has been a part of the Lewis & Clark community since 2003, completing his   BA with a double major in Psychology and Music and his Master’s in Teaching.   Charlie has extensive experience facilitating both formal and informal conflict   resolution practices.  Charlie participates in and leads trainings on best practices in   investigation, adjudication, threat assessment, and behavioral intervention with   organizations including ASCA, atIXa, NCHERM, NACUA, and WAVR-21.  Charlie is   a bibliophile and sings professionally throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

Kate Baca

Graduate Assistant

Kate attended The University of Puget Sound for her undergraduate work and studied biology and bioethics. During her time there, she fell in love with student affairs through para-professional roles she held as a student such as being a Peer Advisor and Tour Guide. This led her to continue her education at Lewis and Clark in pursuit of a Masters Degree in Student Affairs Administration. Outside of her roles on campus, Kate enjoys vegetarian cooking, massive amounts of online shopping, and watching Studio Ghibli films. 

Mickie Gonwick

MG Graduate Assistant

 Mickie graduated from Bluffton University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early   Childhood Education in 2017. She is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Student Affairs   Administration here at Lewis & Clark College. Mickie is most passionate about   building relationships and inclusive community, having good conversations, and   asking questions. Her favorite pastimes include hiking, reading, journaling, playing   board/card games, eating, and drinking coffee with pals. 


Erin Khong

Erin Khong Student Life Intern

 Erin is currently in her second year as an undergraduate at Lewis and Clark,   pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with and emphasis in Pre-Med. She is a   student-athlete on the women’s swim team. Aside from athletics, Erin loves seeing   all the dogs on campus, shopping for new clothes and shoes, eating at the food   trucks downtown, and just hanging around meeting new people and creating new   relationships.  

Michael Paz 

 Graduate Assistant

 Michael Paz has been involved in the field of education since completing his   undergrad in Creative Writing at the University of San Francisco. From supporting   college access for first generation students in San Francisco to teaching high   school English in Southern California, Michael’s passion has always resided in   providing opportunities for young folks to actualize the power they hold. He wants   to continue this work by pursuing a Master’s in Student Affairs Administration at   Lewis & Clark. Michael is a big fan of most things Morrissey, riding his bike through pretty sketchy terrain, Los Angeles based sports teams, and his fiancé.



Resolution Coordinators

Charlie Ahlquist – Assistant Dean, Student Rights and Responsibilities
Jessica Carron - Area Director, Campus Living
Joseph Fastuca - Area Director, Campus Living
Jason Feiner - Director, Student Activities
Mickie Gonwick - Graduate Assistant, Student Rights and Responsibilities
Erin Khong - Student Life Intern, Student Rights and Responsibilities
Katherine Leibel - Area Director, Campus Living
Pedro Ramos - Graduate Assistant, Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement
Amanda Sarantis - Area Director, Campus Living
Michael Paz - Graduate Assistant, Student Rights and Responsibilities
Arielle Valdez - Graduate Assistant, Campus Living

Student Rights and Responsibilities

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