Jess Perlitz

Jess Perlitz

Associate Professor of Art, Studio Head of Sculpture

Jess Perlitz is an artist whose work explores participation, communication and performance.  She uses object-making to think about the various ways we communicate and translate ownership of space and place.  She is particularly interested in various histories of art-making dedicated to political and social use-value that bring to light ideologies, and utopian impulses, such as Constructivism and Productivism, and the more recent turn in art towards the social. Perlitz’s work takes a variety of forms ranging from sculpture, community-based projects, performances, and drawings.  She is the recipient of multiple awards, including the Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant, Canadian Sculpture Centre Artcast Award, and Franconia Open Studio Fellowship.  Her projects have appeared in playgrounds, fields, galleries and museums, including Socrates Sculpture Park, Cue Art Foundation, Cambridge Galleries and the Institute for Contemporary Art in Philadelphia (ICA)

Academic Credentials

MFA 2009 Tyler School of Art, Temple University, BA 2000 Bard College


Art 113 Sculpture I
Art 213 Sculpture II
Art 313 Sculpture III
Art 327 Special Topics: Performance (Art & Action)
Art 327 Special Topics: Useful Art
Art 327 Special Topics: Monuments & Memorials
Art 311 Junior Seminar
Art 491 Senior Art Practice