Ketzia Schoneberg

Ketzia Schoneberg


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Ketzia Schoneberg is a contemporary American artist whose mixed media paintings, drawings and sculpture are exhibited nationally in galleries and museums. Her feminist autobiographical works combine elements culled from her active dream life, longstanding meditation practice, personal unconscious, cultural background and affinity with wildlife and environmental concerns, to create an esoteric interplay of characters. Using figurative and abstract elements, she
investigates movement-based plays of power, the erotic, and sensuality with vivid color and loose mark making. The artist uses acrylic, graphite, pastel, wax crayon, grease pencil, charcoal, and ceramics in her studio practice. She is also a classical violinist.
In 2023, Ketzia’s solo exhibit, Hineni, was shown at the Center for Contemporary Art & Culture in Portland, Oregon, and her solo show, Everything You Need, was exhibited in Gallery 511 at PNCA in 2022. Schoneberg has been a visiting assistant professor at Willamette University and Southern Oregon University and has taught at New Mexico State University.  A fourth generation artist, Schoneberg was born in Los Angeles, grew up in San Francisco and is currently living and working in the Pacific Northwest.



Academic Credentials

She received her MFA in Visual Studies at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and did her undergraduate education at the San Francisco Art Institute and San Francisco State University.


Drawing I
Drawing II/III