Ben in the hometown of Francesca da Rimini

Benjamin David

Associate Professor of Art History

Benjamin David specializes in Italian art from 1300-1600, with an emphasis on Early Renaissance painting. His scholarship and teaching engage the historical and theoretical implications of the practice of narrative in Renaissance art and theories of narrative more generally. He is especially interested in the relationship between art and literature. Other research projects and courses explore the complex nature of the Renaissance engagement with classical antiquity and visualizations of Dante‚Äôs Divine Comedy from the fourteenth century to the present day.  He is also interested in how contemporary art creates dialogues with Renaissance and Medieval Art and in the intersections of art history and theories of memory. 

Academic Credentials

PhD 1999, MA 1993 Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, BA 1991 New York University


Core 106, 107 Exploration and Discovery

Art 100 European and North American Art

Art 208 Ancient Art

Art 301 Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture

Art 333 Dante and the Visual Arts

Art 401 American Art After 1945

Art 493 Senior Art History Thesis Seminar

Art 451 Special Topics in Art History (Recent topics include: Visual Narrative, Botticelli, Art History and Memory)

Location: Fields Hall