November 25, 2020


THE SECRETARIES by The Five Lesbian Brothers

Performance Dates: March 12, 13, 14 and 17, 18, 19 2021

THE SECRETARIES By The Five Lesbian Brothers
Directed by Jenna Tamimi

March 12*, 13 @ 7:30pm
March 14 @ 2:00pm
March 17,18,19 @ 7:30pm

*for Gender Studies Symposium participants only.

A Five Lesbian Brothers Play
Directed by Jenna Tamimi

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The spring production is a campy extravaganza of Slim Fast chugging murderess secretaries!

Welcome to the Cooney Lumber Mill in Big Bone, Oregon, where everything is bigger (and bloodier). A new girl joins the steno pool. She’s pretty and good at everything she puts her mind to, but how far will she go? Fitting into this clique (cult?) takes charm and the ability to wield a chainsaw. Once a month a lumberjack mysteriously disappears, and a secretary ends up in his jacket. Cooney Lumber Mill’s secretaries may take their murderous rage out on lumberjacks but the real horror the play reveals is the emotional violence between women.

This campy horror-comedy is a feminist contemplation on internalized homophobia and sexism.

Wigs, flannel, chainsaws, and a critique of the patriarchy!