November 10, 2015

Theatre Students in New York

Large Reckonings in Big and Little Theatres in New York City

This Fall, a group of Theatre, Art, and English majors are spending a semester in New York. They have all secured internships with various theatres, galleries, and publishing houses in Manhattan, and they spend their days working, visiting galleries and museums, exploring the architecture of New York, and – primarily – experiencing the vast variety of theatre productions in the very theatrical center of the world.

At the end of the semester, the students will have seen twenty-five productions in New York as a group, as well as countless plays on their own. The productions range from large Broadway musicals, to productions in the established Off-Broadway theatres, to the real “crazy stuff” in the veritable “holes in the wall” that are part of the off-off, and off-off-off-Broadway movement. They will have met number of theatre artists involved in the productions they have seen and learn about their artistic processes, and they will have discussed all manner of questions, issues, themes, and aesthetic choices in the plays they have witnessed.

Each student will have written six extensive reviews of productions of their choice, and they will have published two of those reviews on the New York Program website.

A selection of the student-written reviews can be found in the link below. We believe that they offer a good insight into the students’ experience in New York, and that they allow you to reckon with the productions - if not directly than at least vicariously.